XR for Training in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Industry

Extended Reality has proved to be a boon for the pharma and healthcare industry for training, research and marketing. Many global big Pharmaceutical companies are already investing in the development of their own XR experiences for different purposes.

It takes 60% less time to relay the same information in XR with a 95% + retention rate. GMetriXR has helped many such companies to create efficient training for Health and safety training, Process and new Product training, Onboarding, Recruitment, Sales and Soft Skills Training, Leadership, Inclusion & Diversity Simulations and many more.

XR for Health & Safety Training in Pharma

Problems faced in Traditional methods

Traditional safety training is widely perceived to be restrictive, and protocols often tend to be ignored, because their need is not valued and difficult to demonstrate – because the adverse scenarios under which they show their value cannot be recreated.

Solutions with XR

Why safety is important – Put you in critical situations and show you firsthand the implications of not following the rules – simulating the repercussions of not following guidelines which may lead to injury or death. This helps people understand why rules exist and appreciate them.

What protocols are in place – We then take people on a tour of the facility, familiarizing them with the safety protocols in place to ensure their safety. We would deep-dive into safety SOPs in this segment.

What to do in an emergency – We subsequently simulate emergency situations, and based on the understanding built in the previous segment, ask you to respond to the emergency – for example a fire – based on the SOPs, thereby creating a holistic model that would otherwise be difficult to train for.

XR for Process & New Product Training in Pharma

Problems faced in Traditional methods

Expensive machinery, multiple steps / detailed SOPs, high-risk medications, video-based content/classrooms training is ineffective to explain, life and death situations means 0% error rate, delay in new/updated process training

Solutions with XR

Learn about the medicines, machines and patient protocols – interact with all the equipment required by medical personnel, walk around the clinic and explore various machines (BP, Oxygen etc), see multiple patient procedures in action and understand what each one does, place it in front of you (AR), see someone else do the task on patients, create an interface with HMIs like CT Scan machines

Practice – get detailed SOPs and steps, on-demand platform page (accessed even after training) ask questions with live/virtual doctor assistant, get information about dealing with exceptions and practice the various aspects of a medical facility within a specific role of for example a nurse

Apply / Simulate / Gamify / Assess – Do the task in a virtual and safe environment (where machines, patients and procedures can be simulated, tested and accredited with no errors, get a report on what you did well, and where you were lacking, improve scores and compare with your peers, get certified virtually before you get to work with the real machine

XR for Sales / Soft Skills Training

Problems faced in Traditional methods

It is impossible to recreate on-the-ground scenarios through role-playing soft skills. Sales, in particular, is best learned only with extensive on-the-job training.

Solutions with XR

XR makes it easy to believe that you are in an alternate realitytrick your senses and teleport you to an alternate reality – one where you are face-to-face with your client/customer/patient/doctor and you find yourself within an infinite array of possibilities you can train for.

With XR Training you can:

  • Learn about the company-approved choice of words, speech dialogues, tones and methodologies for a variety of situations and scenarios
  • Understand how to handle exceptions – annoyed clients, angry customers, patients in need of critical care under emergencies etc.
  • Learn about how to groom and present yourself
  • Observe experts in action, interacting with clients with finesse so you can pick up skills from them quickly – humans learn best through observing
  • Read detailed scripts, and access them just-in-time via your phone/laptop.
  • Assessments in first-person can build confidence, and expose deficiencies in your preparation
  • Assessments can also be used to evaluate skills, and offer accreditation accordingly. You could use this to compare scores on simulations with peers, etc.

XR for Leadership, Inclusion & Diversity Simulations

Problems faced in traditional methods

Split-second decisions when exposed to certain situations can make or break a leader, or employee. Training for these is difficult and often based on difficult-to-change personal beliefs.

Solutions with XR

Virtual Reality is known as the ultimate empathy machine – something that has the ability to elicit strong emotional responses by shifting your worldview to see things from a different perspective. With XR, you would:

  • Experience the world through the eyes of someone you should accord polite behavior to, for example, a person with autism, or a mobility disability.
  • Find yourself in a difficult scenario – for example, a CEO in a tough boardroom, wanting to shift the conversation to get a particular end result. Gamified interactions allow you to learn from example, or from learning to make split-second decisions that would have a strong impact on the outcome.
  • Learn to interact with your peers, or manage your team better through gamified simulations.

The safety of new workers and even patients can be jeopardized. With XR, one can focus on safety. With a high turnover rate and repetitive training with every batch, traditional classroom training gets ineffective. With XR, on-demand learning can be created and accessed from any device: XR Headset, Tablet, Mobile and Desktop. XR also gives familiarisation with complex SOP with respect to machines, processes and patient protocols. One can learn, practice, simulate and apply through gamified modules.

With these clear benefits of XR in the Pharma and Healthcare industry, many companies have already adapted to the technology.  To start the journey today with GMetriXR metaverse company, you can request a callback here.

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