Take aim! My impressions after playing three shooters with Asus ROG Ally’s gyroscope controls

Ever since I received the Asus ROG Ally, I have been loud (and arguably obnoxious) in expressing my complete and absolute adoration for the technology. I claimed it’s my new favorite “gaming” laptop, and was even thrusted into a newfound love for the best handheld gaming devices in general. I’ve beaten a dozen games on the Ally, ranging from survival horror to indie platformers.

But there’s one genre that I haven’t had the heart to touch with a ten-foot pole: First and third-person shooters. I’m a bit of an elitist when it comes to how I like to enjoy these games, and that’s with the freedom of a mouse in one hand and a keyboard firmly set beneath the other. I’ve played hundreds upon hundreds of hours of osu! (a rhythm game where you click tiny circles at high speeds), so I’ve grown comfortable with having a mouse in hand. Alongside intermittent addictions to Overwatch, Valorant, Team Fortress 2, Halo and far more, it has become the norm for me.

After years of mental conditioning, playing these games with a joystick sends fearful shivers down my spine. It’s why I avoid the genre entirely on consoles. I like to think of myself as an open-minded individual, but even I have limits, and after all the attempts I’ve made to play The Last of Us Part II on PS5 or Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X with a controller, it never clicked.

Asus ROG Ally Z1

(Image credit: Laptop Mag/Momo Tabari)

But I’ve heard whispers of something new, particularly revolving around a third-person shooter like Splatoon on Nintendo Switch. Some people strongly believe that gyroscope aiming is the way to go when it comes to shooters on consoles. These whispers aren’t just claiming “it makes it bearable,” but go so far as to suggest that it is superior to every alternative.

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