3 rom-coms on Hulu you need to watch in December

If you look closely at most of the newer holiday films in Hulu‘s Huludays hub, then you’ll notice that most of the modern Christmas movies tend to double as romantic comedies. But if you don’t want to dwell on the holiday season, Hulu has plenty of other rom-com options to make your December a delight.

Our picks for the three best rom-coms on Hulu that you need to watch in December include one of the most successful romantic comedies of the last decade: Crazy Rich Asians. Our other two picks are the fan-favorite Adam Sandler flick, The Wedding Singer, and Hysteria, a period film that has perhaps the most inherently hilarious premise that we’ve seen in a long time.

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Harry Shum Jr. and Gemma Chan in Crazy Rich Asians.
Warner Bros. Pictures

Considering how wildly successful Crazy Rich Asians was, it’s astonishing that the sequel, China Rich Girlfriend, hasn’t materialized yet. Constance Wu headlines this adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s novel as Rachel Chu, a woman who is blissfully unaware that her boyfriend, Nick Young (Henry Golding), hails from one of the wealthiest families in Singapore.

Once Rachel discovers the truth and travels with Nick to Singapore, she gets a very chilly reception from his family, particularly Nick’s mother, Eleanor Sung-Young (American Born Chinese‘s Michelle Yeoh). For Rachel, winning Nick’s heart was the easy part. Winning over his mother may not be possible.

Watch Crazy Rich Asians on Hulu.

Hysteria (2011)

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy in Hysteria.
Sony Pictures Classics

Hysteria has the distinction of being the first and only romantic comedy set against the backdrop of the invention of the vibrator. In 1880, Dr. Mortimer Granville (as played by Hannibal‘s Hugh Dancy) didn’t realize that his new invention could make him wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. But prior to coming up with the finishing touches to mechanize a vibrator, Mortimer’s manual massage technique makes him very popular with the female patients that he treats for hysteria.

That’s how Mortimer comes to work with Dr. Robert Dalrymple (Jonathan Pryce) and, soon after, engaged to Dalrymple’s youngest daughter, Emily (Felicity Jones). Yet, in true rom-com fashion, Mortimer finds that he has more in common with Emily’s headstrong sister, Charlotte Dalrymple (Maggie Gyllenhaal).

Watch Hysteria on Hulu.

The Wedding Singer (1998)

Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer.
New Line Cinema

The Wedding Singer is arguably the best rom-com that Adam Sandler has ever starred in. That may sound like a low bar, but trust us, it’s good. In this throwback film, Robbie Hart (Sandler) is a wedding singer during the mid-80s who is dumped by his fiancée, Linda (Angela Featherstone), on their wedding day because she feels that he doesn’t have enough ambition.

This robs Robbie of his desire to sing, which forces him to break his promise to perform at the wedding of his new friend, Julia Sullivan (Drew Barrymore). To make it up to Julia, Robbie agrees to help plan her ceremony with her husband-to-be, Glenn Gulia (Matthew Glave). Their friendship becomes complicated when Robbie and Julia slowly fall in love.

Watch The Wedding Singer on Hulu.

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