Soundcore AeroFit and Aerofit Pro review

Soundcore has more than established itself as the audio brand from Anker as the company consistently pumps out exceptional wireless earbuds and speakers for consumers that stand up nicely next to the bigger players.

I’ve been testing the latest from Soundcore with the AeroFit and AeroFit Pro wireless earbuds. These new open-ear designed sports buds have so much shared DNA, but they are unique in their own right. We’ll cover them both in this full review.


At first glance, these look like any run-of-the-mill hook-styled earbuds. These do have a hook with over the ear basic design, but when you look closer the details start to show. The key difference is the speakers of both AeroFit models isn’t meant to be fully inserted into the ear.

This “open” design lends to a few things, but the main feature is transparent hearing for your surroundings while enjoying audio. The AeroFit’s fit allows you to have the earbud comfortably sit on the outside of the ear with directional audio while still allowing your environmental sounds available as well.

While the basic design is very similar, the AeroFit Pro offers some unique offerings over the standard AeroFit. One, the Pro has an increase in drivers from 14mm to 16.2mm to create a more robust listening experience. This with additional battery life of up to 14 hours makes these slightly larger overall as well.

Controls are also handled slightly differently. The AeroFit has a capacitive area for touch-based, while the Pro models feature a dedicated button for controls. Each of these can be customized along with audio profiles in the Soundcore app.

This biggest addition to the AeroFit Pro is an optional detachable neckband. This branded band is adjustable for a secure fit and can be attached to the hooks of the AeroFit Pro hooks. The band is a great way to offer on-demand stabilization to those that may not need it all the time, but may have times like a HIIT workout where you’d want the neckband.

Audio performance

I’m torn on the playback quality of both of the AeroFit units. I get immersive sound is going to take a hit by the pure design, but it really does show up. If you are used to the fully in-ear experience of most earbuds, the more muted sounds from the AeroFit and Pro will take you a bit to adapt.

Turning on spatial audio seems to make this even more pronounced. Flipping this switch in the Soundcore app makes the audio seem like it’s being emitted from a metal barrel. Yes, you get the spatial part as you move around, but the quality immediately takes a hit during my usage.

I found myself landing on the Soundcore Signature profile for the best experience. Here you do get a robust balance of effects that I enjoyed. Even when listening to something more vocal like a podcast, the AeroFit and Pro both performed well.

Lastly, I do want to mention the environmental aspects of both models. The ability of hearing your surroundings is significant. This is great for on a run or walk outdoors, and even better when in an office setting. Allowing the noise from around you can be a good thing, and Soundcore building this into the AeroFit earbuds is a nice addition.

Battery life

I’ve found Anker’s estimation of 14 hours to the Pro model and 11 hours to the AeroFit to be realistic. This is with general listening around 50-60% volume levels. I’ve also taken calls and saw no large dips in battery life here.

One omission for the price of each AeroFit and Pro is wireless charging on the cases. Yes, it has Anker’s quick charging, but Qi charging is pretty standard for any earbud case claiming to reach the “premium” price point of above $100.

The total playback for the AeroFit Pro is 46 hours and 42 hours for the standard when paired with the case. You can get 5.5 hours of playback and 4 hours via quick charge with each model. This is impressive and a must if you aren’t going to include wireless charging.


I applaud Soundcore for constantly searching for new ways to bring us quality audio. The AeroFit and AeroFit Pro earbuds continue this tradition with an open ear design that will be appealing for a subset of users. The comfortable fit and removable neckband on the Pro series makes these interesting for any active listener.

You can snag the AeroFit in both white and black for $130 while the AeroFit Pro will cost you another $40 and is available in only black. This is a premium level price for earbuds, but the unique design may make them worth it for those looking for this fit.

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