Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy by Gabz

A crop of a new Batman poster by Gabz.

A crop of a new Batman poster by Gabz.
Image: Bottleneck Gallery

Which Christopher Nolan Batman film is your favorite? Most people would say The Dark Knight—which, clearly, is incredible. Personally, my pick is Batman Begins, just because of the way it handles Batman’s origin. And we’d imagine someone out there is just such a big Tom Hardy fan, their favorite is The Dark Knight Rises.

No matter the answer, though, Bottleneck Gallery has the poster for you. It’s teamed up with the artist Gabz to do a kick-ass poster celebrating Nolan’s entire Dark Knight Trilogy. And the best part? You can buy it anytime between now and Sunday night.

The Dark Knight Trilogy by Gabz is a 36 x 24-inch screenprint, currently available for $50 as a timed edition through 11:59 p.m. ET Sunday, December 10. Here’s the image.

Image for article titled Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy Gets a Worthy Tribute Poster

Image: Bottleneck Gallery

It’s a wonderful piece of work, with each third representing one of the films, as elements mirror each other from left to right, all coming together from a distance at the same time. Every inch is filled with something from the films too, from the wall of mirrors at the top, to every one of Batman’s wonderful toys. Shout out to the Tumbler.

Here’s the link to snag this poster. There were other, more limited variants available, but they’re now all sold out.

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