Popular OLED TV now up to $1,900 off and Samsung will even mount it for free

A massive deal, with a nice extra saving to boot

Updated: Mar 14, 2024 5:05 pm

Popular OLED TV now up to $1,900 off and Samsung will even mount it for free

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The Samsung S90C was one of the best TVs to hit the market back in 2023. With the 2024 range dropping any time now, we’re witnessing a massive amount of deals coming through to make last gen more affordable for us regular folk. All sizes are discounted on the Samsung store, and they’re even throwing in their TV mounting service for absolutely free.

RTINGs called the S90C one of the best TVs they tested in 2023 in a recent YouTube video. Likewise, looking at the Amazon customer reviews will tell you that it is highly regarded as one of the best QD-OLED TVs at the moment. This massive price cut only makes it more tempting.

S90C OLED discounted on Samsung Store

Get yourself over to the Samsung Store if you want to snap up this deal while it’s still live. This impressive OLED TV is up to $1,900 off with the 83″ model. The S90C sits just beneath the flagship S95C and is perfect for gaming, especially considering that the One Connect Box of the S95C has seen some bandwidth problems at 4K 144Hz with HDR.

It features a bright QD-OLED panel for the 55″, 65″, and 77″, models, though the largest size instead has to opt for LG’s WOLED tech. Either way, you’re getting a great deal as all models get a steep price drop at the time of writing:

OLED S90C deal at Samsung Store

Does wall mounting come for free?

Yes, there are some extra savings to be made here. Usually Samsung’s professional TV mounting service will set you back $120, but now even this comes at no additional cost.

If you do want to mount the S90C to your wall though, rather than using the provided stand, then you’ll need to buy a wall mount separately. While this is an added cost, it has been reduced from $249.99 to just $129.99 – another $120 saving piled on top.

While we’re on the topic of wall mounting, don’t make this silly mistake when setting up your new OLED TV. Additionally, if you’re only interested in the very latest and greatest, maybe check our where to buy Samsung S90D guide instead.

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