Amazon Deals of The Day: Catch 47% Off on Beats Studio Buds, More

Save big on Amazon today! The Beats Studio Buds true wireless earbuds deliver impressive bass depth and balanced highs, with easy on-ear controls and compatibility with iOS and Android devices. Save a massive 47% off those today. Looking for a digital notepad? The Amazon Kindle Scribe features a large, responsive E Ink screen and sleek design, perfect for note-taking and reading comics at $110 less than usual. Lastly, check out the fourth-generation Amazon Echo, which is a powerhouse of sound and smart home control. It boasts outstanding audio quality and Alexa voice assistance in a stylish, eco-friendly package at 35% off. Now let’s get shopping!

The Beats Studio Buds true wireless earbuds deliver impressive bass depth complemented by crisp and balanced highs. It also comes with active noise cancellation, effectively reducing ambient distractions, enhancing your focus on music or calls. The easy-to-use on-ear controls allow seamless playback and call management. Lastly, the Studio Buds are compatible with iOS and Android devices, featuring one-touch pairing for effortless connectivity. You can learn more about its pros and cons in our review. Then, come back and nearly 50% on your purchase.

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The Amazon Kindle Scribe boasts a large, responsive 10.2-inch E Ink screen and a smooth note-taking experience. It offers a temperature-adjustable front light for optimal reading comfort. The sleek design and slim aluminum chassis make it appealing and easy to handle. “Ideal for reading comics and manga,” according to our review, the Scribe offers impressive functionality at a reasonable price compared to similar models. Its versatile features and excellent note-taking capabilities earned the Kindle Scribe an “Excellent” rating from us. And yes, it’s currently more than $100 off.

Have a look at the fourth-generation Amazon Echo. It’s a powerhouse of sound in a stylish, spherical package. According to our review, “the fourth-generation Echo offers better audio performance than ever, the ability to control Zigbee devices, and, of course, Alexa voice assistance.” This Echo boasts impressive audio quality with deep bass, which is surprising given its compact size. It also doubles as a smart home hub, seamlessly controlling your devices. With Amazon Echo, you have Alexa at your service, ready to play your favorite tunes, fetch the weather, or dim the lights with a simple voice command. The sleek design, crafted from recycled materials, adds a touch of modern charm to any space. All these features earned the Amazon Echo (4th gen) an “Outstanding” rating and our Editors’ Choice award.

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