Building a PC with a LCD Screen Display

Introducing: PCs with LCD Screen Displays

We’re now introducing a new product on custom tower desktops in gaming PC and professional workstation variations: the statistics screen! You no longer need to purchase a PC case with a screen, as this LCD panel is available as an addition to most case options.  A 5-inch 480×800 screen is installed in the rear 120mm fan mount of any case featuring a glass side panel, with a complete installation and setup of a profile that will display statistical readouts for CPU, GPU, and memory information. The LCD screen is also available without setup, this will include installation but not software. If you wish to DIY, the screen will essentially function as a monitor until you install and configure software such as Rainmeter, AIDA64, or Wallpaper Engine.

PC Case with LCD Screen Setup and Installation

LCD Screen Display

The configured tier of our statistics screen utilizes Aida64 to power the readout and includes a lifetime license with 1 year of updates. Various colors of the theme are available to match your desktop PC and have readouts of information such as CPU and GPU temperature, clock speed, utilization, graphics, and system memory usage.

PC with a LCD Screen Display

While we may not be the pioneers in stats screen layouts, we proudly stand as the first and only systems integrator to provide this pre-configured readout upon delivery. This represents a significant paradigm shift, allowing you to effortlessly monitor your PC’s performance without the need to alt-tab out of your game or interrupt your workflow. As a bonus, it looks sweet!

The default placement is ideal for users who intend to have their desktop PC on top of their desk on the right, providing a perfect screen view. If you’re interested in considering a custom mounting location, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team. While this option is certainly available, it does require a more detailed planning process than our website can provide.

What other custom PC options does AVADirect offer?

The possibilities are endless for those who crave the minimalism of a White PC. With a Prism white gaming PC, you can achieve a minimalist aesthetic that complements any room, all while enjoying top-tier gaming performance.

On the other hand, if you want to make a bold statement and showcase your personality through your gaming rig, a pink gaming PC is the way to go. Imagine the excitement of playing your favorite games on a machine that reflects your unique style. Blissful Pink Gaming PCs not only provide the power you need but also add a touch of charm to your gaming setup.

With endless customization options, you can build a PC that meets your gaming needs and celebrates your personal style.

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