Best Free PC games to Download in 2023

Top F2P PC games of 2023

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The day has finally arrived!  You just received your new custom gaming PC, and you unbox that bad boy, install all your absolutely necessary apps, join the AVADirect Discord server, praise Gabe Newell by installing Steam, and finally make that sweet social media post about your new gaming mini PC.  But wait!  Do you have any games for this new custom PC?  If not, then fear not, as there many free-to-play (F2P) titles out there.  However, not all of them are worth your time.  Let’s dive into what I believe are the top 5 F2P titles in the PC gaming space.

Top 5 Free to Play PC Games

Counter Strike 2

Ok, I am sure you are shocked to see me put this at number one, but hear me out – this game is an absolute staple in the PC gaming space and has been for years.  It has a little bit of everything for everyone in terms of FPS.  From competitive game modes to standard deathmatch, it is a good time (sometimes) with the boys.  With the recent launch of Counter Strike 2 (a massive update from Counter-Strike: Globel Offensive), it has brought back long-time players and new players alike.  Just be careful – skins are highly addicting. 


Let’s be honest – you knew this was coming.  After many seasons, updates, additions, the game shutting down for a weekend, and setting the world on fire, Fortnite has been the king of F2P games.  While there are many microtransactions and the battle pass, you don’t need to spend a single dime on this title if you don’t want to.  If you have been under a rock, Fortnite is a battle royale that features a variety of weapons, vehicles, and some fun little activities in that world.  Like it or hate it, Fortnite is a great option and a juggernaut in the F2P world.

League of Legends

I can’t speak much about gameplay as I have never played this game, personally.  However, it is an incredibly popular F2P MOBA title.  With over 165 champions to choose from, this title has no shortage of variety.  I have been told that the learning curve and becoming “up to date” on meta and mechanics isn’t easy; it is RIOT games’ staple product.  Check it out if you are in the market for a new F2P title!

Apex Legends

Another battle royale splashing on to the scene, but a very fun one at that.  Apex Legends has continuously added content, legends, game modes, maps, and more over the past couple of years.  It is an incredibly fun and fast-paced game that leaves you wanting more after each win or death.  With skills being introduced that align with the legend you are playing, skill and coordination (in a team) is critical to gaining that victory!

Genshin Impact

Another title I have not played, nor do I care to play as it isn’t my cup of tea, however I cannot not mention this game as it is everywhere and wildly popular within the F2P community.  This ARPG title is an open-world adventure with tons of features and a beautiful art style.  If you are a fan of anime, JRPG storytelling, beautiful visuals, and a vast open world, give this title a go!

How to choose the right F2P game to play

Many F2P titles out there have low requirements for PC gaming computers but offer hours and hours of fun by yourself or with friends.  Getting a new custom gaming PC and not having any big triple-A titles to play right away can be disappointing, but these titles will surely give you quite a bit of fun in the meantime!

Finding the Right Gaming PC for F2P Games

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