Best 144Hz laptop & 165Hz laptop in November 2023

The best 144Hz laptop & 165Hz laptop models available across all price points and resolutions

Updated: Nov 17, 2023 12:23 pm

Best 144Hz laptop & 165Hz laptop in November 2023

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This page will help you find the best 144Hz laptop or best 165Hz laptop for your gaming needs. These two refresh rates are the sweet spot for most gaming displays, enabling the majority of people to enjoy fast-paced shooters at a high enough effective FPS to play competitively, whilst either being more affordable than higher refresh rate screens, or allowing for higher resolution displays like 1440p. Virtually all these selections come with an IPS display panel, with TN panels not being favoured for gaming laptops, although increasingly OLED gaming laptops are starting to appear. If you’re interested in seeing our top selections for gaming laptops not limited to this category, have a read of our best gaming laptop page in the mega menu above.

Here at WePC our experts are contstantly striving to stay up to date with the latest tech releases, so you can rest assured that each of our buying guides will have the latest products listed that are worthy of your cash. If you want a quick buy right now, we’ve made a shortlist of our top three gaming laptops in this category immediately below. If you want to do a bit more research however, cast your eyes lower for a wider number of individual product reviews, plus some further information about the market. Finally, do be sure to take a look at our Black Friday gaming laptop deals page for some great savings in Q4.

Hz laptop meaning: laptop refresh rate explained

The refresh rate of any kind of display, be it a laptop screen or a desktop monitor, measures how many times the image on the screen is redrawn/refreshed within a second. This is measured in Hertz (Hz). Refresh rate becomes particularly apparent when trying to depict objects moving at high speed, for completely still images it is not noticeable at all. Essentially, if an object is moving fast (such as an enemy player jumping around a corner) the time it spends in each place on your screen is very low. If the refresh rate of the screen is not high enough, the object will have passed through a noticeably large amount of space in between each refresh of the image, meaning it will appear to have jumped, leading to a stuttering effect or, in extreme instances, appear to have teleported completely. A high refresh rate will be able to depict every minute change in the object’s travel along the way – leading to a smooth moving image. Low refresh rates hinder one’s ability to see faster-moving images and react to them, thereby negatively affecting performance in fast-paced games.

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