Watch The LA Valorant Finals From This VR E-Sports Arena

Join your fellow Valorant fans for this one-of-a-kind virtual broadcast.

Virtex Stadium, an online virtual event platform available for PC VR headsets, will be broadcasting the Valorant LA Champions finals live in VR this week, offering spectators the chance to immerse themselves in the virtual action like never before.

Originally announced back in 2021, Virtex Stadium is a multifaceted event space designed for e-sports competitions. Live gameplay appears at the center of the field in immersive 3D, just like your standard basketball court or football stadium. You can join the other spectators in the stands or watch the game as a free-floating hologram from the lobby.

Credit: Virtex Entertainment

The company has partnered with numerous video games in the past, from big-name titles like Counter-Strike: 2 to VR darlings like Echo Arena. This week the virtual stadium will serve as home to another competitive video game, Valorant.

Virtex Stadium will be hosting a live watch party for the 2023 Valorant LA Champions finals from August 24th to the 26th. Here you can meet up with other Valorant fans and root for your favorite professional teams live in VR. The action kicks off at 12pm PT/9pm CEST.

“Having been a part of Esports live events as competitors, organizers, and fans, we cherish the unique atmosphere that comes with a live show. Our team chooses the stadium over the stream every time,” said Tim Mcguinness, CEO and founder of Virtex in an official release. 

“We are incredibly excited about the potential of virtual events as this new format allows us to put users so close, or sometimes literally into, the experiences, games, and events they know and love. When it comes to live events we’re not limited by the real world anymore and with Virtex Stadium we want to show that.”

Credit: Riot Games

Virtex Stadium is available for free on PC VR headsets via Steam. The game is still in beta, therefore you’ll need to join the ongoing playtest in order to participate. Don’t worry, there’s no additional charge.

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Feature Image Credit: Virtex Entertainment

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