Two more days for Cyber Monday deals for xTool laser engravers with up to $800 off

Cyber Monday is always the best time to get yourself some new gadgets and devices. Because all brands are going to great lengths to bring forth some major discounts and promo offers. So ifIf you’re interested in laser engraving, don’t miss out on the current deals from the experts in field, like the xTool brand. Their promo will be up for the last two days until November 30th and the discounts can reach up to $800 off. Let’s take a closer look at the main highlights and laser engravers available.

xTool S1


Let’s start already with something high-end like the xTool S1 model. This laser engraver is fully enclosed and offering 600mm/s speed, twin-point positioning of the 40W laser module, dynamic focus engraving, class 1 laser safety certification and much more. With the additional accessories you can even unlock stuff like rotary engraving, automated passthrough up to 3000mm and variable laser module options. And with the discount coupon XTCUT200 you can save $200 and slash the final price to just $2049.

xTool F1


Need something handheld and portable ? Then the xTool F1 model will be the right one for you with compact size and pre-assembled solution. This laser engraver you can bring with you really anywhere and wow the crowd. Thanks to its dual laser design (10W diode and 2W infrared), 0.000199mm motion accuracy and 4000mm/s blazing fast speed. Enclosed design is fully safe and you can still add some handy accessories to even expand of the capabilities. Using the discount code XTCUT150 you can also shave off $150 and get to the final price of $1439.

xTool P2

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Do you want the real cream of the crop ? Then look no further than the xTool P2 model. With this super powerful 55W laser engraver you can make a dream into reality. It’s a perfect laser engraver for a small business with a big 26×14-inch bed size, dual 16MP cameras for enhanced precision, auto passthrough, built-in air assist, curved surface engraving and multiple advanced accessory options available. The cutting power is especially impressive as well with the capability of cutting through 22mm acrylic in one pass for example. This beast can be yours for $4249 using the discount coupon XTCUT250 for $250 off.

xTool D1 Pro

Back to the more affordable waters with the xTool D1 Pro model, This one is not enclosed, which is shown immediately looking at the pricing. But it can still offer very advanced features and performance with 430x400mm working area, 400mm/s speed, 10W laser and 0.01 motion accuracy. Once again it is ready for many accessories and switchable laser modules to add in versatility. And it is available in the stylish red color variant as well. With the coupon code XTCUT80 and $80 off you can grab one for just $564.99.

xTool M1

Last, but not least we have the xTool M1 piece. And this one is special as well, because it is the world’d first 2in-1 laser engraver and vinyl cutter. Opening up extra avenues with wider range of materials, cutting either with a laser or a blade. Engraving is ultra-fine as well with 0.08×0.08mm laser spot and built-in 16MP camera. Safe enclosed design, user friendly software and plenty of accessory options are again the additional cherry on top. And the deal price for the basic kit drops to just $919 using the discount couipon XTCUT80 for $80 off.

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