Today Only! Save $200 on Robus RTH 1050 Triple-Action Ball Head


Robus RTH-1050 Triple Action Ball Head \is a rugged, full-featured ball head that provides a combination of strength and functionality for use in the studio or on location. With a generous load capacity of up to 55 pounds, the RTH-1050 can support cameras up to full-sized DSLRs with massive telephoto lenses and still provide a full range of movements. The main locking knob turns easily to tighten and loosen the large 2.2 inch ball, and features an ergonomic and intuitive tension adjustment dial. Adjustable tension control ensures that a level friction is always applied to the ball to prevent losing control of the camera when repositioning. The Arca-type quick release receiver incorporates an integrated bubble level for precise horizontal alignment and is compatible with a multitude of Arca-type quick release plates, camera brackets, and other related accessories.


Deal Ends 11:59 PM ET November 1, 2023

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