This flash deal gets you a 50-inch 4K TV for less than $250

People watching sports on the 50-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV.

We’ve found a neat deal on a 50-inch smart TV from Walmart. Popping the 4K TV under $250, this is your chance to get a fulfilling TV at a low price. However, like a lot of deals out there, we aren’t sure how long this sale will last, especially considering that Walmart highlights this TV as a popular pick and notes that, at the time of this writing, over 500 have sold in a day. Your chance to get the Vizio 50-inch Class V-Series 4K Smart TV for only $248, $71 down from $319, may already be running out (and you likely just found out about it). Figure out if you want it by simply tapping the button below or keep reading to get all of the details.

Why you should buy the Vizio 50-inch Class V-Series 4K Smart TV

In so many ways, the Vizio 50-inch Class V-Series 4K Smart TV is a TV emblematic of what we look for in a TV today. It displays in 4K as well as upscales to 4K using AI, its got a voice remote, and your favorite apps and streaming services will work on it. A gaming mode that reduces input lag, Bluetooth headphone compatibility, and smart home integration (via Apple Home and Google Assistant) are all qualities that we’re seeing from the cutting edge of the best TVs today. This humble Vizio has them all. While its standard LED display and 60Hz refresh rate aren’t cutting edge, they are still fully enjoyable.

To be fair, there are some niche things you might want to think about when selecting this TV. Do you like this TV’s HDR10+, DTS Virtual:X, and 3 HDMI ports? But, at a certain point, it comes down to style and needs. Do you like the thin look that is popular and is 50-inches the right TV size for you? Then the Vizio 50-inch Class V-Series 4K Smart TV should fit your style and viewing needs nicely.

Again, to claim your Vizio 50-inch Class V-Series 4K Smart TV for only $248 ($71 down from $319) all you have to do is tap the button below. If, however, you’re worried about making a decision too fast, go check out other ongoing TV deals to compare and see if this is the best offer for your current circumstances.

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