The iPhone 15 Pro Max is practically free in this unbeatable deal after Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

Amazon’s Big Spring Sale is technically over, but today’s extended savings say otherwise. One ongoing deal offers the iPhone 15 Pro Max for just $0.01. Yes, you read the right, you can get  the iPhone 15 Pro Max for a cent. Pricing for the iPhone Pro Max typically starts from $1,199, so you’re practically getting the iPhone 15 Pro Max for free. What’s more, no trade-in is required. By comparison it’s a better deal than most carrier offers which knock up to $1,000 off the iPhone Pro 15 Max with trade-in. And that’s if your trade-in phone nets you the highest value. 

So what’s the catch to getting the iPhone 15 Pro Max for just a penny? To get this deal, you must activate and finance the iPhone 15 Pro Max through Boost Infinite. Boost Infinite will charge you $70/mo. for unlimited talk, text, and data. Plus, you’ll get the latest iPhone every year with annual upgrades. Although you’ll be charged a $60 activation fee up front, it will be credited back to your account on your first billing statement. 

At just 1 cent, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is at its lowest price yet and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better phone deal than this. So if you or a family member is due for an upgrade, this cheap iPhone 15 Pro Max is a no-brainer. 

Today’s best iPhone 15 Pro Max deal

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