The Compal Rover 2-in-1 gaming laptop concept makes me want to cry

Design firm Compal has unveiled a 2-in-1 gaming laptop concept called “Rover” which pushes the limits of handheld gaming. The laptop can become a gaming tablet with hand-held controls on the back side for a handheld gaming experience that just makes my hands ache looking at it.

While the idea of a gaming laptop 2-in-1 is intriguing, we still think fondly of the Asus ROG Flow Z13, we do have to wonder what is the point of the Compal Rover?

Can concepts go too far?

Compal's 2-in-1 gaming laptop concept Rover

(Image credit: Compal)

Design concepts are intended to push boundaries and show us glimpses into what the future could look like. But they very rarely get put into production as we originally see them. So the Compal Rover concept is unlikely to see the light of day in its current form. And it does have some compelling design features, particularly the touch controls on the back of the tablet. 

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