The best anime on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has a steady rollout of new content, and anime fans also have plenty of content to sift through. Things have only gotten better for the genre on Prime Video, as the platform bolstered its anime catalog after adding Crunchyroll as an optional premium channel, allowing users to streamline two services on a single platform.

While the pricing is the same as subscribing to each service individually, this structural change makes anime more accessible. Even so, beginners to the genre might find it intimidating to know where to start. Thankfully, this monthly-updated guide on some of the best anime on Amazon Prime Video does the legwork for you. That includes the service’s native offerings, plus the anime movies and TV shows available through the premium Crunchyroll channel.

For those who might be feeling a little overwhelmed, but are still intrigued by the genre, we also have worthwhile guides on the best anime on Netflix and the best anime on Hulu to help fans get the most value out of their subscriptions.

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