SwitchBot Lock Pro Makes a Key Entrance into Smart Homes

SwitchBot, a prominent player in the retrofitting smart home industry, on Friday introduced its latest innovation, the SwitchBot Lock Pro. This retrofit smart lock combines convenience, security, and ease of installation, setting a new standard for smart home devices.

With a retail price of $119.99/£139.99/€139.99, the Lock Pro is now available for pre-order at a special price of $89.99/£99.99/€99.99 on SwitchBot’s official website. The device is expected to hit the shelves by the end of April.

The Lock Pro distinguishes itself by offering a universal fit for various local market locks, allowing users worldwide to upgrade their existing door locks easily. This feature eliminates the need for drilling, ensuring the door and lock remain unharmed, and the original key functionality is preserved.

Supported lock types include Euro Profiles, Knob Cylinders, and more, with anticipated support for UK Oval Cylinders and Swiss Round Cylinders by late April. Furthermore, SwitchBot offers 3D printing after-sales services for additional lock compatibility.

Security is a top priority for SwitchBot Lock Pro, featuring advanced fingerprint recognition with a 0.3s recognition time and a 98% success rate. It also provides 15 different unlocking solutions, including one-time passcodes, remote unlocking, voice commands, and the innovative Quick Key for a single-click unlocking experience.

Battery life is significantly improved, with the Lock Pro operating on 4 x AA batteries to deliver up to nine months of power, surpassing its competitors. An optional Dual Power Pack extends this to 12 months, ensuring continuous operation even when one battery needs recharging. The device also includes a passive power supply option for emergency access.

The Lock Pro is at the forefront of smart home integration with its support for Matter, enabling seamless connectivity with other smart devices for a fully integrated home automation experience. The SwitchBot Hub Mini Matter Enabled, sold separately, facilitates this integration.

Other notable features include auto-lock, real-time notifications, low battery alerts, and virtual/emergency passcodes, enhancing security and user convenience.

SwitchBot Lock Pro and its main bundle, which includes the Keypad Touch and Hub Mini Matter Enabled, are available for pre-order at discounted rates on SwitchBot’s official website for the US, EU, and UK markets.

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