Sony Xperia 1 VI and 5 VI to offer a digital signature feature to combat fakes

With each Sony flagship release, the company tries to introduce something never seen before in the mobile industry. In a way, Sony tries to maintain a tradition of “world’s first” and a recent report from a Japanese news outlet with a fairly accurate track record regarding Sony-related rumors has an idea of what’s coming next to the Xperias.

Sony's upcoming flagship phones to offer a digital signature feature to combat fakes

Reportedly, Sony’s upcoming Xperia flagships will apply a unique digital signature to photos and videos to prevent fakes. Perhaps examining the metadata of the images and videos will reveal whether or not the content has been tampered with.

A similar feature was recently introduced for Sony’s DSLR cameras, which will soon be pushed via a software update. So, it makes sense for Sony to bring that to its smartphones as well.

Source (in Japanese)

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