Sony Releases a7R V Firmware Update 2.01


Sony a7R V Firmware Update 2.01 adds a host of bug fixes via the memory card firmware update process.

Required Downloads

Read this section before downloading the file.
Precautions when updating from Ver. 1.00

For customers who have been using the Imaging Edge Mobile app:
• Updated cameras will no longer be able to connect to the Imaging Edge Mobile app. After updating the camera, install the Creators’ App.
• Please make sure the Imaging Edge Mobile app is the latest version (Ver.7.7.2 or later) in order to pair the camera with the Creators’ App.
• For instructions on installing and connecting the Creators’ App, please refer to Migrating from Imaging Edge Mobile app to Creators’ App.

If you use the Wireless Remote Commander/Shooting grip (GP-VPT2BT, RMT-P1BT), delete it from the Bluetooth Settings on the camera menu. Then pair the camera with the Wireless Remote Commander/Shooting grip again.

About this download

Note on Sony account: Before downloading the software, we recommend that you create a Sony account. After creating a Sony account or signing in with your Sony account, download the software (for customers in the USA and Canada). You also have the option to download the software without an account. Note: This update is only available for memory cards. Windows and macOS versions are not provided.

Benefits and Improvements

• Fixes an issue where JPEG files could not be enlarged and played
• Fixes an issue where the power may not turn on or turn off even if the Power switch is used
• Fixes an issue where the Switch V/H AF Area feature may not work correctly
• Fixes a Creators’ App issue where the Auto Time Correction and Auto Area Adjustment features may turn off
• Improves the operational stability of the camera

Previous Benefits and Improvements

All previous benefits and improvements are included in this update.

File Name


File Version

Ver. 2.01

File Size

953 576 872 bytes

Release Date


Download Link:

Firmware Update 2.01

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