SmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit is an interesting if niche camera rig

SmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit

This is an interesting one. It’s definitely for shooting a single particular type of thing, but it looks like it does the job quite well. It’s the SmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit (buy here), and it’s designed for sticking objects in front of your camera.

But not in the filter kind of way. This makes whatever you stick in front of the camera your main subject, with the world whizzing by in the background. Of course, there is some post-work required to remove the rig.

YouTube video

SmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit

The SmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit is designed to help you create tracking shots on close-up subjects. There are some examples in the video above, and as I said, it’s quite niche. It is, however, a shot that many of us have wanted to be able to at some point.

For a lot of YouTubers, product reviewers, commercials, documentaries or similar work, such a shot can be a regular occurrence. But photographers and filmmakers can also use it to shoot first-person behind-the-scenes footage.

SmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit tracking shotSmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit tracking shot

Some post-work required

The rig, obviously, appears in the shot. It’s supporting your subject centre frame, so there’s no way around that. Some tweaking will be required in post, in a video editor like Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve or effects software such as After Effects.

As I said, niche. Even rotoscoping the rig and trying to fill in the gaps is going to be more work than some people will want to do. But if this is an effect you shoot regularly, this rig is definitely worth checking out.

A complete tracking solution

The SmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit essentially allows you to attach a camera at one end and whatever you want at the other. The kit consists of what is essentially an extendable NATO rail with a hinge in the middle.

On each end of this rail is a magic arm. These arms have a 1/4-20″ thread at one, allowing you to attach whatever you wish. On the other end is a NATO rail clamp for locking it down onto the rail. They feature seven 360-degree fully rotatable hinges, with locking Arri-style rosettes, to keep the two ends exactly where you want them. Locking and unlocking the hinges is all done with a single locking lever making it very quick and easy to adjust and lock back down.

SmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV KitSmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit

I can think of – at most – 2 or 3 times per year that something like this would be useful for me. It’s definitely the type of rig one should have handy in their bag, just for when the moment demands. But for many, that moment won’t pop up all that often.

And even when they do pop up, this isn’t the only option out there. You can make something up like this from all manner of random bits and bobs. But it does look like a solid and complete solution for those just starting out on their grip gear journey who want to do this type of shot.

And if it’s a type of shot you do often, it seems like a no-brainer – assuming you don’t already have a solution available.

SmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit SpecificationsSmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit Specifications

Price and availability

The SmallRig x Mikevisuals Tracking POV Kit is available to pre-order now for $101.90 from the SmallRig website. This pre-order price ends once units start shipping, where the price will go up to $119.

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