Sirui Sniper series T1.2 AF lenses are now available to buy

Sirui Sniper 3-lens set

Sirui recently showed off their new Sniper series APS-C AF lenses at IBC 2023. We had the chance to take a look at them ourselves, and you can read our review of the Sirui Sniper lenses here. Initially launched on Indiegogo, the lenses are now on general sale.

The Sirui Sniper set comprises three lenses at 23mm, 33mm and 56mm focal lengths with a super bright T1.2 aperture. These provide a Super35/APS-C field of view similar to about 35mm, 50mm and 85mm on full-frame.

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Sirui Sniper Series APS-C T1.2 Autofocus Lenses

The Sirui Sniper Series is essentially an autofocus version of the Sirui Night Walker series manual focus cine lenses. There are some slight differences in the focal lengths, but what’s a millimetre or two between friends?

The two sets of lenses, however, offer a very similar appearance, which you can see in the review linked at the top of this post. Despite both product lines offering a T1.2 maximum aperture, the Sniper series actually seems to be a hair brighter than the Night Walker series.

Sirui Sniper LensesSirui Sniper Lenses

Interestingly, the prices for both sets are basically identical at $999. With the focal lengths, maximum aperture and image quality being nearly identical between the two, it basically boils down to whether you want autofocus or manual focus control. The autofocus lenses don’t offer any gearing for follow-focus units.

Available for Sony E, Nikon Z and Fuji X

Well, there are a couple of other factors you’ll need to consider. First, your lens mount. The Sirui Sniper Series lenses are available in Sony E, Nikon Z or Fuji X mounts. If you’re using one of these three mounts, then auto vs manual focus really is the only thing you need to think about.

Sirui Sniper Lens Set ColoursSirui Sniper Lens Set Colours

The Night Walker series, though, is also available in each of these three mounts. But they’re also available for Canon RF, Leica L and Micro Four Thirds mounts. So, you don’t have much of a choice. Sirui hasn’t said whether the AF Sniper Series will be coming to any of these mounts, but I probably wouldn’t count on it.

Secondly, if you do for the Sirui Sniper Series, there is another choice you have to make. Do you want them in black, white or silver?

Sirui Sniper Series APS-C T1.2 Autofocus Specs

Model SIRUI 22mm Tl.2 SIRUI 33mm Tl .2 SIRUI 56mm Tl.2
Focal Length 23mm 33mm 56mm
Frame APS-C/S35 APS-C/S35 APS-C/S35
Aperture Tl .2-T16 Tl .2-T16 Tl .2-T16
Lens Structure 12 Elements in 11 Groups 11 Elements in 10 Groups 12 Elements in 11 Groups
Aperture Blade 11 11 11
Minimum Focus Distance 30cm 40cm 60cm
Filter Spec 58mm 58mm 58mm
Focus type Autofocus Autofocus Autofocus
Mount E, X, Z E, X, Z E, X, Z
Length 92.2-94.2mm 92.2-94.2mm 92.2-94.2mm
Weight 380-386g 398-404g 419-427g

Price and Availability

The Sirui Sniper Series APS-C T1.2 autofocus lenses are available to buy now from the Sirui website. The 23mm T1.2, 33mm T1.2 and 56mm T1.2 lenses cost $349 each or you can buy the set of all three together for $999.

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