Samsung Galaxy Watch 8 May Adopt a Square Design

For many years, Samsung has utilized a round design on its Galaxy Watch smartwatches. Before opting for that classic format for its wearables, the South Koreans had a rectangular smartwatch via the Galaxy Gear. It appears the company could plan to bring back the square or rectangle Galaxy smartwatches.

When can we see a square Samsung Galaxy Watch?

According to unnamed sources cited by SamMobile, Samsung is heavily considering switching to a square design for its future Galaxy Watch models, ditching the classic round look. It described how a square smartwatch with a curved build that is similar to the Galaxy Gear might be in the works. However, it hasn’t been ruled out that Samsung could follow Apple with its ‘squircle’ Watch Series and Watch Ultra 2 (review)

Apple Watch Ultra highlighting the widgets on display
The Apple Watch Ultra 2 keeps the design and form of the original Watch Ultra. / © nextpit

There is also no word on when exactly a square Galaxy Watch will be ready, as the current development surrounding the Galaxy Watch 7 hinted at the same round design of the Galaxy Watch 6 (review). Hence, it’s safe to say that we will see the radical smartwatch design change by next year in time for the Galaxy Watch 8.

At the same time, it is also possible such square watches could be launched in a new lineup apart from the round Samsung Galaxy watches, with both form factors existing alongside. Nobody really knows for sure what Samsung is brewing, so we will just have to be patient.

Apart from Apple, there are a few major wearable brands that adopted a squarish smartwatch design, including Fitbit and Garmin with some of their watch entries. This rectangular shape has allowed the iPhone manufacturer to incorporate more extensive smartwatch features due to the interface being able to accommodate additional elements compared to a circular display. Perhaps this might be one of the primary reasons for Samsung’s switch.

If you were to choose a smartwatch design, which would you prefer: a circle or a square? Share your answers with us in the comments. We’re eager to hear your opinion.

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