Retail in a new dimension. The Internet creates a vast… | by Sai Krishna V. K | Scapic

The Internet creates a vast commoditization of goods. It has become easier than ever to find the product you want, at the best price and have it delivered to your doorstep. Through this change, what has become linearly more difficult is to get a customer to pay attention. Your store needs to create a memorable experience, and not just a listing. There must be a reason why customers buy your product over another.

A customer during and after the pandemic is going to be indoors, has access to information, and expects your business to react to their wants and needs, near instantly. A bit much? If you don’t, there are hundreds of others vying for the same share of the wallet.

Short attention spans, shorter time to gratification. This is fundamentally changing shopping. It is no longer simply a purchasing process. Rather, it is an experience that is expected to be personalized and immersive. It is this change that has enabled movements such as D2C brands to reach customers directly.

Not just commerce. In today‘s economic climate companies stand out from their competitors by ascending the economic value change to offer outstanding customer experiences.

Goods and services are no longer enough for your store to thrive. With everything becoming commoditized, the time to move to a new level of economic value that’s focused on staging experiences for your customers. Experiences become a distinct economic offering. This is where growth will come from and it would be further accelerated by the trends around us, as we all remain quarantined.

Wait. What’s even the difference?

What makes a service different from an experience? It’s about how time is used. It’s when your customers move from “time well saved” as a proposition to a “time well spent” mindset. By doing so, they want to spend time on your websites, in your store, and with your social media channels. Why care? The more time they spend with you, the more money they may spend.

Beyond the bottom line, your customers expect an emotionally satisfying product experience when they look through your…

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