PS5 ‘Slim’ vs. PS5: Here’s what’s changed

With the holiday season approaching, Sony has a new, slimmer version of its popular PS5 console on the way. Since the PlayStation 5 consoles originally launched in 2020, they’ve already dropped in weight twice, and this new PS5 version will be both lighter and smaller than the current model.

Sony isn’t officially calling this the ‘PS5 Slim,’ but that’s what the public has dubbed it because historically Sony has always released a ‘Slim’ version of its consoles. Unlike other ‘Slim’ versions of past-gen consoles, this one doesn’t look like it’s equipped with too many improvements. Let’s take a look at the biggest differences between the standard PS5/PS5 Digital consoles and the upcoming PS5 ‘Slim’ consoles.

Where to buy PS5 and PS5 Slim consoles

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