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If you are after a Xiaomi experience on a budget, Poco is the way to go, and if you feel like pinching pennies within the Poco line, there is the “C” family of devices to consider.

The Redmi 13C is a very similar device to the Poco C65, they are almost identical in terms of hardware. We are quite sure the review findings in this review would apply to the Redmi 13C as well.

Xiaomi Redmi 13C

Xiaomi Redmi 13C

The C series Pocos have been coming out frequently lately, and it’s hard to decode the naming convention. It seems that the first number in the model number denotes the generation of the device while the second is somewhat loosely related to its relative position within the lineup, perhaps the size of its display as well.

If we assume that that is indeed the case, then the new Poco C65 is the first from a new generation of Poco devices, and it comes in to “replace” the Poco C55 even though the latter came out in February of this year. There are plenty of similarities between the C55 and the new C65. Both devices are roughly the same size and rock a MediaTek Helio G85 chipset, 5000 mAh battery and a 50MP main camera.

Xiaomi Poco C65 review

There are still some generational improvements to note, though. The display on the C65, for one, has grown slightly and now measures 6.74 inches diagonally. More importantly, however, it can now refresh at 90Hz, which is a first for the Poco “C” line of phones. The Poco C65 now supports 18W PD charging, which might not sound like much in absolute terms but is still a marked improvement over the 10W of the Poco C55.

Xiaomi Poco C65 review

The Poco C65 sweetens the deal further with a new 2MP dedicated macro camera on the back, replacing the depth sensor of the C55. The selfie camera has also been upgraded to an 8MP module. And when we say that the Poco C65 is a budget device, we mean budget. It retails for just $129 and $149 for the 6/128GB and 8/256GB models (early bird prices are $109/$129).

Let’s see what that modest sum of money gets you, starting with the retail package.


The Poco C65 ships in a nice and sturdy two-piece box in the typical Poco yellow and black color scheme. Though the manufacturer isn’t bragging about being extra eco-friendly in any way, the packaging seems to be made entirely of cardboard, which is great to see in that respect. There is no plastic inner cradle for the phone to sit in, but it is still quite secure in its place.

Xiaomi Poco C65 review

The Poco C65 has a moderately rich retail package relative to its price. That will be an ongoing motif with the C65 since it’s good to keep its low price in mind when analyzing different aspects of the experience. The retail box contains a USB Type-A to Type-C cable and a wall charger. It is just a simple 10W (5V@2A) unit rather than one that can saturate the full 18W of Power Delivery the phone can accept. Even so, keep in mind the budget price point. There is no case inside the box, but that wasn’t really expected at this price.

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