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Topaz officially launched the new Video AI 4.0 (Click here to preorder with a $50 discount and see samples of all new features).
On October 28 Luminar will launch the new NEO software with built-in Generative AI tools.

The new bag developed by Nomatic and Peter McKinnon is now available on Kickstarter (Click here).
Aurora launched the Gnu 5-in-1 modular tripod on Kickstarter (Click here).
H&Y launched a new magnetic filter system on Kickstarter (Click here).

Sigma 10-18mm f/2.8 at BHphoto, Amazon, Adorama. Fotoerhardt. Fotokoch. WexUK.
7Artisans 9mm f/5.6 non-fisheye(!) Full Frame E-mount lens at 7Artisans store and Amazon US&EU.
Laowa 8-16mm f/3.5-5 Zoom CF E-mount lens at BHphoto and VenusLens store.

Sony Mics:
Sony ECM-S1 wireless streaming mic with multi interface shoe you can preorder it now for $419 at BHphoto, Adorama, FotoErhardt.
Sony ECM-W3  wireless mic you can preorder for $369 (or $469 with 2 mic) at BHphoto, Adorama, FotoErhardt.

Samsung announced a new 4TB T9 external SSD disk you can buy at BHphoto and Amazon.

Pergear 1TB Type A card:
Amazon US (10% off pricing)
Pergear US (10% off with code XHQJRTT23X9T, valid from 10/18/2023-10/31/2023)
Pergear DE (10% off with code 02VHSP8TTHQV, valid from 10/18/2023-10/31/2023)
Pergear FR (10% off with code XSQ6EE19DX4H, valid from 10/18/2023-10/31/2023)
Amazon UK (10% frontpage discount, 10/18/2023-10/31/2023)
Amazon CA (40 CAD discount, 10/18/2023-10/31/2023)


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