Nikon might be killing N-RAW

Nikon might be killing N-RAW thumbnailNikon might be killing N-RAW thumbnail

After Nikon’s recent acquisition of RED, people questioned what would change in both Nikon’s and RED’s cameras. Would we see a Nikon cinema camera? Would RED’S RAW format be coming to the Z system? What will happen to Nikon’s N-RAW? Well, earlier this month, we actually got a hint about that last question.

Adobe’s hint about the future of Nikon N-RAW

On March 7th, Fergus H, an Adobe employee, commented on an old post in the Adobe forums. The post was asking for Nikon N-RAW support in Adobe applications. Fergus didn’t specify what Nikon is planning for N-RAW, but he did mention Adobe has paused working on adding N-RAW support. Without context, answering that information a year after the post was uploaded might seem a bit confusing. But, as we mentioned, Nikon just purchased RED. That means Nikon now has access to RED’s RAW format – REDCODE RAW. A format that is much more recognized in the industry than N-RAW. It would make sense for Nikon to ditch N-RAW if they are planning to switch to REDCODE RAW. (This is kind of funny because Nikon tried to invalidate REDCODE RAW in the past, right after they created N-RAW as an alternative for their Z9).

If switching to REDCODE RAW is Nikon’s plan, and Adobe is aware of that, it would explain the hiatus regarding the implementation of N-RAW support to Adobe applications.

Adobr forum postAdobr forum post

Fergus’s comment isn’t, in any form, an official statement regarding the future of N-RAW. It is a hint of what’s going on behind the scenes. To truly know what Nikon is planning, we should for an official announcement from Nikon themselves. My guess is that this announcement will come alongside news on a new Nikon camera, probably one more catered for video than previous Z cameras. But, if my guess is correct, it can take some time until it happens. Nikon just acquired RED, so unless development was already in motion before the acquisition occurred, it will take time until will see any kind of a “Nikon-RED” camera.

[via EOSHD]

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