New images of the Sigma 70-200mm FE lens – sonyalpharumors


Our reader Paul (Thanks!) sent us these two images of the new Sigma 70-200mm FE lens and wrote:

The rep couldn’t give me a price or official release date other than “It’ll be next month”.
He also was surprised by how light it was. “And everyone thought it would be heavy.”
I’d say it somewhat like holding a Tamron 70/180 which I was holding right before going to sigma to check it out. I’ve also owned the Sony 70-200 and that’s how I know the weight was less than that. I am curious if this was possibly an early copy and they maybe shed weight or need to add something to it. But it was a working copy.
It’s internal zoom and the lens has super smooth rings. Images looked sharp too. There’s custom 1/2 switches that they couldn’t tell me what it was for yet.
My downside to it would definitely be that it’s really long.


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