Moment’s phone lenses turned my iPhone 15 into a pro camera

The days of lugging a DSLR have long been behind me. Like many, I ditched my DSLR for a phone, as they now offer most of what I’d need out of a camera, from powerful sensors to unparalleled ease of use. But I do miss one DSLR perk — the ability to shoot from a variety of interchangeable lenses, as opposed to locking myself to a phone’s built-in gear for years. Can Moment’s new T-series phone lenses help fill that gap? 

Moment’s mobile lenses bring the pro experience to smartphones. Similar to a DSLR, the miniature lenses snap onto a phone’s existing camera and add a new dimension to it. There are half a dozen to choose from, including a 58mm telephoto, a 14mm fisheye that creates a GoPro-like warp in your shots, and an Anamorphic for cinema-style lens flares. 

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