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My recent journeys into the Apple ecosystem came with many good impressions and unforeseen limitations. Each new device has its own set of chargers. It’s a good thing that means I have to test a nice array of new accessories like those from Modern Standard.

The company has allowed me some time with their latest lineup of 3-in-1 chargers and I’ll be covering them here in somewhat of a combo review. Each one offers the basic charging for MagSafe for the iPhone, Apple Watch dock, and another pad for charging AirPods (or any other earbuds case).

Magnitis 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

The first of this trio of trio chargers is the Magnitis and it might be my favorite. This 3-in-1 charger is a modern, metal stand with charging stations for iPhones via MagSafe, wireless Apple Watch, and Qi charging in the bottom for earbuds.

The Magnitis is made from space-grade aluminum and screams premium quality. It’s available in dark gray and black or silver and white combinations. The main MagSafe charger is capable of 15 Watt charging making it on par with Apple standards.

The Apple Watch and earbuds charging works as you’d expect as well. The magnet on the Apple Watch charger pulls it into alignment well and charges at the normal 5 Watts rate. The Qi pad in the base of the Magnitis is marketed as an AirPods solution, but it’s worked well with any Qi-capable earbuds I have lying around.

Purchase the Magnitis Charging Station from Modern Standard $57.95

Simpli 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

Much like the Magnitis, the Simpli 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station provides you the ability to simultaneously charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods/earbuds. While keeping a modern design, the Simpli has a much quirkier, plastic build available in white or black. This doesn’t detract from the quality though.

The Simpli outputs the same 15W MagSafe and 5W Apple Watch wireless charging. This is powered by the 25W Qualcomm power adapter. The base on the Simpli is a Qi-powered pad for your earbuds just like the Magnitis and features a 5W charging rate.

You get a nice LED charging indicator on the front of the Simpli in front of this pad. It’s a nice feature, but you may find it a little brash for a sleeping environment. The light isn’t super bright, but those who love total darkness may find it an annoyance.

One key difference is the back of the Simpli 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station. Not only will you find the USB-C input for powering the charger, you can also plug another USB-A device in as well. This flexibility makes it perfect for those with multiple gadgets and I’ve had this on my desk since day one.

Purchase the Simpli Charging Station from Modern Standard $57.95

Cubica 3-in-1 Travel Charger

The final piece of the Modern Standard 3-in-1 collection is the Cubica Travel Charger. This tri-folding charger handles all the same devices in a compact design. The outer cover of the Cubica has a woven fabric material that’s popular these days. It even has a magnetic metal strip to make sure it stays closed in your bag.

Inside from left to right you get the MagSafe mount, Apple Watch charger, and an AirPods pad. The charging rates are the same 15W and 5W combinations as its siblings. The entire setup is powered by USB-C and a 20-watt Qualcomm power adapter.

Another mentionable is that the Apple Watch charger can be used while lying flat or in a standing position with the collapsible mount. Just above the Watch charger is a button to turn on and off the LED indicator rings around the MagSafe and earbuds chargers.

I recently took this on two different trips across the country and it performed great. Having the compact Cubica tossed in my bag, or in the included carrying case, makes it the perfect travel charging companion. Setup takes less than 30 seconds and you are good to go.

Purchase the Cubica Travel Charging Station from Modern Standard $67.95


My time with the Modern Standard MagSafe 3-in-1 portfolio has been fantastic. Each of these options is a great solution for your charging needs regardless of the environment. I’ve found myself using the Magnitis on my nightstand, the Simpli on my desk, and of course, the Cubica fits right into any travel bag. If you think one of these chargers fits your workflow, be sure to hit the links above to snag yours from Modern Standard.

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