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Hurricane Season Ahead Caution Sign

Even the best-laid business plans can be destroyed by a natural disaster. When your office is flooded and your employees are without power at home, our laptop rentals can help keep your business on track and meeting customer needs. With National Hurricane Preparedness Week upon us, now is a great time to evaluate if your business is ready to weather a natural disaster. Don’t wait until it’s too late – start reviewing your business continuity plan today and learn more about how our laptop rentals can help keep your business going in the face of disaster.

In the immediate aftermath

Hurricanes are one of the costliest and most destructive types of natural disasters and many businesses close forever after finding themselves struck by a serious storm. In fact, FEMA found that in the 12 months following a natural disaster 25 percent of small businesses will close, and 75 percent of businesses without a continuity plan fail within three years of such an incident.

Getting back up and running quickly is essential to ensuring that your business survives. Laptop rentals are perfect for business continuity during the immediate aftermath of the disaster. Offering the ability to work from anywhere while also offering the high-speed computing power you need to get the job done, our laptop rentals offer a quick and reliable solution for your business continuity plan. 

Operate from anywhere

When a disaster like a hurricane strikes, odds are the destruction will be widespread. Even if you are able to find a temporary office space nearby, you and your team may be forced to move from space to space as power outages, flood damage, and other businesses make office space a scarce commodity. Even if you can find a temporary office, you may not have enough desks for everyone on your team! Developing a strategic technology plan during a disaster can be a complex and difficult task, and not everyone has the skills to do it effectively. Hiring a virtual CIO ensures that your business tech operations can still run smoothly.

Laptop rentals allow you and your team to work from anywhere, no matter how many times you have to move. From user-friendly Microsoft laptops to the Surface Book and the MacBook, we can quickly get your team the equipment they need to get back to work faster. Whether you need 10, 100, or 1000 laptops, our team is standing by and ready to help keep your business running smoothly in the wake of a hurricane or other disaster.

Man giving a thumbs-up and smiling while working on a laptop

Struggling to find internet access for your team? We even offer Aircard rentals to establish a wireless connection to the internet for your laptop rentals. Just plug the Aircard into the USB port and your processor can connect to the web from anywhere, using only a cell phone signal.

With our disaster recovery rental services, laptop rentals (and any other equipment you need) can be shipped anywhere, often within 24-hours of your request. So when disaster strikes, remember is by your side and ready to help keep your business moving forward.

No matter the circumstances

In the aftermath of a major disaster, it’s not uncommon for businesses to find themselves working out of hotel rooms, an owner’s kitchen, or even out of employees’ vehicles. If your team is working in extremely tight quarters or needs to be constantly mobile in the wake of a disaster, we offer a wide selection of tablet rentals to keep them productive and connected.

A man and woman working in an empty room

Our Microsoft Surface Tablet rentals offer the power of a laptop with the portability of a tablet. The detachable keyboard, Intel processor, HD screen, and multi-functional kickstand enable your team members to get serious work done while taking up a tiny amount of space. Looking for a more traditional tablet? The iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab also help keep your team processing on the go.

Make sure you have all you need

From laptop rentals to keep your team working hard to printers, scanners, and other items, we have all of the office equipment rentals you need to keep your business going in the face of a natural disaster. Is your team working from multiple locations across the storm-affected area? No problem – we offer smartphone rentals and radio rentals to keep everyone in constant communication. can help get your business back to work after a disaster with our disaster recovery rental services. Laptops, all-in-one desktop computers, Cradlepoint hotspots, and servers ensure that your team is able to continue working, while also maintaining your web pages and email networks. Although we can’t offer exact quotes for the rentals and services your business may need following a disaster, we offer estimates for each of our devices on our website. Let help get your company back to work faster with our office equipment rentals

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