Is The GoPro Subscription Worth it for You?

Have you been wondering about the GoPro subscription?

This article will help you understand what a GoPro subscription is, how you can benefit from it, and if it’s actually worth it.

Plus, I’ll answer some of the most common questions regarding the topic to help you make an informed decision about the service.

So, if you already own a GoPro camera or are about to buy one from the GoPro range, keep reading!

What is a GoPro Subscription?

A GoPro subscription is a service GoPro offers to guarantee its clients the best experience.

Essentially, it’s a loyalty program offering tangible perks beyond camera usage.

Subscription in the first year comes with a 50% discount, leaving you with just around $25 to pay annually.

After that, you’ll have to pay the total subscription cost.

Features And Benefits of GoPro Subscription

While the price tag isn’t that high for a yearly subscription, it’s not the only incentive for people to join the service.

GoPro has consistently evolved its offerings, providing the advantages below:

1.   Camera Replacement

The gopro website page with a picture of a person riding a bike.The gopro website page with a picture of a person riding a bike.


GoPro offers a unique “no questions asked” service where you can replace your camera with a newer one. However, your camera must be HERO5 or newer.

This little feature offers peace of mind for adventurous photographers who like to take their GoPros on mountain hikes and ocean swims.

It’s also a great budget savior, as it can help you replace your damaged camera entirely without worrying about cash.

2.   Unlimited Cloud Storage


Gone are the days of using external hard drives or shuffling various memory cards! The second benefit of the subscription is unlimited cloud storage with full quality.

This service guarantees a secure backup for all your projects, ensuring that everything is safe and accessible at all times.

Moreover, there’s no compromise when it comes to quality. That means you won’t have to worry about compression degrading the quality, as all your content will remain pristine.

3.   Full access to GoPro Quik


Another advantage to this subscription service is the access to premium editing tools you get with GoPro Quik. This is the brand’s editing software for video files and photos.

It provides intuitive, advanced editing tools and templates, making video editing a breeze for beginners.

The tools and effects help you transform raw footage into something captivating, helping you unleash your creative side.

4.   Discounts

Gopro com - gopro com - gopro com - gopro com - gopro com -.Gopro com - gopro com - gopro com - gopro com - gopro com -.


Besides the free camera replacement you get from the subscription perks, you also receive additional discounts.

The discounts can go up to 50% on cameras, mounts, and other accessories such as protective housing, lens caps, and roll cages.

Compared to regular camera accessory prices, the product discounts truly help your wallet.

Is a GoPro Subscription Worth it?

So, after understanding what makes this subscription attractive, one question remains: is it something you should go for?

Here are a couple of factors that will help you answer this question:

1.   Usage Frequency

How often do you use your GoPro? Are you a professional photographer who constantly goes out on business ventures, or are you a hobbyist?

In the first case, you’ll constantly look for the official accessory and better camera if yours is damaged. Of course, that’ll make the subscription plan a boon for you.

On the other hand, if you’re an occasional user, most of these benefits become irrelevant.

2.   Storage Needs

If you love capturing high-quality photos all the time, then the unlimited cloud storage services this subscription offers are a game-changer.

You won’t have to worry about space, quality, or content security, as everything will be safely tucked away.

3.   Editing Habits

With this subscription plan comes the brand’s editing software. If you rarely edit your footage or use another software, this won’t appeal much.

For regular editors, though, this saves up on other software subscriptions and offers intuitive tools that make work much more manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know almost everything about the GoPro Subscription, it’s time to look at some of the most asked questions and their answers.

Can I Use GoPro Without a Subscription?

Yes, you can. The service is a standalone subscription that you can utilize if you want to take advantage of its benefits.

Otherwise, all GoPro cameras can function independently of the GoPro subscription.

Can I Pay Monthly For GoPro?

This is another yes! While the company offers an annual plan with a 50% discount on the Initial purchase, you can opt for monthly payments.

Is GoPro Subscription Easy To Cancel?

You won’t face any issues when canceling your GoPro subscription. All you’ll have to do is:

  • Go to their site
  • Sign into your account
  • Select “Subscription”
  • Choose “Cancel Subscription”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

What Happens When GoPro Subscription Expires?

GoPro sends various notifications alerting you of the service’s expiration date. If you don’t renew the subscription, your content will be deleted from the cloud.

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