iPhones to get UD Face ID camera ‘after 2026’

For two iterations, Apple reprised the Dynamic Island with countless features and beyond. As it prepares to transform its iPhones into an all-screen slab of glass, the latest reports citing supply chain reports suggest iPhones launched after 2026 will get that feature onboard.

Likely, it’s just the Face ID camera that will be moving under the screen while the front camera will take more time to get beneath the display. According to 9to5Mac, the UD Face ID camera works by capturing reflected light coming from the infrared dot projector also embedded next to the selfie camera. Thus, moving the Face ID camera under the display is possible as long as it can read the 3D shape of the shape used for facial recognition.

Currently, iPhones arrive with near-invisible top speakers as only a slit is visible in the top bezel. Everything else is fit right into the Dynamic Island that Apple redesigned to serve more purposes including acting as a window to various apps such as Google Maps. It even has patents to put the selfie camera under the display, however, it does compromise the overall output making it a no-go for iPhones at the moment.

According to the latest report by a South Korean outlet TheElec, LG Innotek, one of the suppliers to Apple, has entered a preliminary development for UPC or under panel camera. The design is such that the camera lens holes aren’t visible.

iPhone displays timeline

When it comes to the timeline, the tech is aiming to arrive after 2026 ie. with iPhone 19 series in 2027. For those who are unversed, this is almost the same timeline that Ross Young at DSCC quoted a few months ago for non-Pro iPhone 19. However, it does mention UDC and UD cameras for Pro models so we will have to wait for more updates on that as of now.

It’s safe to assume that we are still a few years away from using either UD camera or UD Face ID. The next-gen iPhone aka the iPhone 16 series is slated to arrive in September 2024 and it will have some crazy upgrades over the current generations.

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