The question around each iPhone release is not whether Apple has improved the cameras – the answer is always yes – but where those improvements lie. Last year’s iPhone 14 Pro brought a 48MP sensor to the iPhone lineup for the first time, but you had to capture in Raw format to get the full resolution. In non-Raw shooting, photos were a more modest 12MP resolution.

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max use the same sensor for the primary camera, but the default capture resolution is now 24MP in most situations, with the option to capture 48MP (8064×6048) HEIC files to take advantage of the full resolution. (See Apple’s iPhone 15 and 15 Pro: Imaging tech examined for more details.)

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This gallery includes images from the iPhone 15 Pro, which shares the same cameras and sensors as the iPhone 15 Pro Max except for the telephoto camera, which provides a 5x (120mm equivalent) zoom option and a 12MP sensor. The iPhone 15 Pro shares the same 3x (77mm equivalent) telephoto camera as its predecessor. When we get our hands on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, we’ll update this gallery with images from its new tetraprism telephoto design.

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