I said I wouldn’t do this to my iPhone, but did it anyway

Various Casetify x Le Sserafim cases for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

When I first got my iPhone 15 Pro Max, I said I wasn’t going to use a case, as I wanted to experience the wonderful in-hand feel of the titanium chassis and its newly refined shape. I’ve stuck to this for almost five months, with the help of a cool pouch, but something happened that has seen me go back on my word.

No, there wasn’t an expensive accident; it was something else. Accessory maker Casetify teamed up with K-pop group Le Sserafim for an exclusive line of phone cases and accessories, and I simply couldn’t resist. I broke my promise, and am so glad I did.

Casetify x Le Sserafim

An iPhone 15 Pro Max with a Casetify x Le Sserafim case.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Casetify’s collaboration with Le Sserafim coincides with the release of its third EP, titled Easy. The collection includes a selection of different cases and accessories, including a MagSafe charging puck and MagSafe card holder. It’s not just for the iPhone, as the cases can be ordered for other phones, too — including the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip 5, and more.

Le Sserafim happens to be my K-pop group of choice right now, and seeing any collaborative product release that overlaps with technology is very exciting. But it’s not just that it has happened; it’s the choice of partner that makes this exciting. Casetify always treats its collaborations properly, releasing unique and desirable products rather than basic items fans won’t really want. See its previous Star Wars and Evangelion releases for further proof.

A person holding an iPhone 15 Pro Max with a Casetify x Le Sserafim case.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

There’s a subtlety to the Le Sserafim collaboration, which is most welcome. The group is known for its visually stunning concepts and costumes, along with its instantly recognizable logo, which Casetify has sensibly used to great effect. It hasn’t gone for wild designs, and instead kept it bold and classy with details the fans will appreciate. It’s an “If you know, you know” style. If you don’t, the Le Sserafim cases fly under the radar.

Even the fact that this is a Casetify collaboration will please fans, as anyone who watches the group’s content on YouTube will have inevitably seen the members sport a Casetify case on their iPhones in the past. In one of the most recent FIM-LOG episodes, the members all checked out the new range of Casetify cases and accessories during a walk around of a pop-up store in Korea. All this means the Casetify x Le Sserafim collaboration never feels like a cash grab, but rather something that has been thought about with care.

How was life without a case?

A person holding an iPhone 15 Pro Max with a Casetify x Le Sserafim case.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

So, that’s why I’m using a Casetify case on my iPhone. But did anything else push me into going back on a promise? If Casetify hadn’t made the Le Sserafim cases, my iPhone would still be bare because I had no reason to use one. Over the months leading up to the reversal of my stance on cases, the iPhone has not shown any external signs of wear that a case would have prevented, and the titanium is a very tactile and pleasing material to grip. It’s also a step above the titanium on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, another phone I’ve so far used without a case.

The biggest noticeable change that occurred when I did put a case on the iPhone 15 Pro Max was the weight. It’s a whole lot heavier than it was — 269 grams with the lightest of the three Casetify cases, compared to 221 grams without. Using the iPhone without a case has made me appreciate how light the largest iPhone is this year. But there was one other change I didn’t consider until I was faced with it.

A person holding an iPhone 15 Pro Max with a Casetify x Le Sserafim case.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

My favorite of the three cases is the transparent version with the Le Sserafim and Easy branding, but mine does not have MagSafe, while the other two cases do. It still just about grabs onto my Apple MagSafe charging puck, but it’s not very secure, and the slightest knock unseats it and stops the charging current from flowing. I’m used to not thinking about MagSafe at all, so the absence of the extra magnet inside the case didn’t register until I went to use it. These are sacrifices I’m willing to make, at least for now.

Where can you get the cases?

An iPhone 15 Pro Max with a Casetify x Le Sserafim case.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

What if you want one of the new Casetify x Le Sserafim cases? There are various versions available in the collection, with the special Silver Leather Case with its textured leather being the most desirable and the one that’s likely to be most limited. The texture is very unusual, with a harder feel than you’d usually expect from leather, and it feels almost like a mix of metal and leather. I love the use of the Le Sserafim logo on its own, though. The silver and blue Easy case is stunning, with its slightly mirrored finish and the way the blue tone shifts in sunlight. It’s much lighter than the Silver Leather case, too.

The simple, transparent Easy Title Case is my favorite, as it has the group name, the album title, and the branding at the bottom, with nothing else. It’s simple and cool, and all it needs to be perfect would be the Le Sserafim logo somewhere. You can order it with MagSafe charging if you want, but the minimalist look may appeal more. The cardholder uses MagSafe to grip the back of your phone, providing a pop-out stand to hold it upright in either portrait or landscape orientation. The rear is shiny and has the Make it Look Easy branding.

The Casetify x Le Sserafim Card Holder accessory on an iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

It doesn’t end there, with Casetify offering a range of other accessories, from AirPod cases to iPad sleeves. My other picks, if you’re looking for inspiration, include an Apple Watch strap, which I really wish I’d chosen, and the matte black Make it Look Easy Message case. All are listed as limited, so it’s best to get your order in soon if you want one.

When I claimed I wouldn’t use a case on my iPhone 15 Pro Max at all this year, it turned out all I needed was a brilliant collaboration between Casetify and Le Sserafim to see me backtrack on my word. I’d say sorry, but I’m really not.

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