HOZO Design Introduces M-Cube: The Next Evolution in Measuring Tools

HOZO Design, known for its innovative approach to design tools, proudly presents the M-Cube, a modular laser measure that’s set to redefine the way we approach measurements. This new tool is crafted for versatility and precision, offering a customizable experience for a wide range of measurement tasks.

Launched on the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the M-Cube is not just any measuring tool. It distinguishes itself with the ability to switch between four distinct modules: a laser measure, a smart planner, a bilateral laser+, and a smart roller. This flexibility ensures it meets the varied and evolving needs of its users. Available directly from HOZO’s website starting at $89/£72 for individual modules or $395/£318 for the complete set, the M-Cube will also hit Amazon and Amazon UK shelves in April.

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Adding to its accolades, the M-Cube has clinched the prestigious iF Design Award in 2024, highlighting its exceptional design and innovative features in a competitive landscape. This recognition underscores the M-Cube’s excellence and its contribution to advancing measuring tool design.

Key Features and Modules:

  • Rapid Laser Speed and Precision: The M-Cube boasts a 50M/164ft Single Laser for precise measurements and a high-speed Multi-functional Laser with a 10FPs rate, complemented by a user-friendly touchscreen display.
  • M-Cube 01 Smart Planner Module: Revolutionizes space capture with joystick control, improving measurement speed by three times and achieving a 38% accuracy rate.
  • M-Cube 03 Bilateral Laser+ Module: Offers dual functions of bilateral measuring and the M-Green line level for precise alignment tasks, powered by a smart algorithm for accurate results.
  • M-Cube 05 Scale Roller Module: Simplifies measuring curves, lines, and complex structures with custom scales and a red cross-line alignment feature, streamlining the measuring process.

The M-Cube stands out for its adaptability, compact design, and fair pricing, without sacrificing performance. It’s an ideal solution for professionals such as interior designers and surveyors, as well as DIY enthusiasts seeking efficiency and precision in their projects. The M-Cube eliminates the need for multiple devices, offering a comprehensive measuring solution that’s both sustainable and continuously upgradable.

HOZO Design has once again proven its commitment to bringing technology and aesthetics together, offering multifunctional smart devices that cater to global consumers’ measuring needs. With a growing presence in over 60 countries and dedicated research institutes in Asia and North America, HOZO is setting new standards in the design tool industry.

For more details and to view high-resolution images, visit HOZO’s official website. Discover the M-Cube’s capabilities by watching the introduction video on YouTube and see firsthand how it’s changing the landscape of measuring tools.

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