Honor Magic V2 hands-on review: A fold above the rest

Dismiss them as a fad at your behest, but foldable phones are on the receiving end of some major backing from big-name manufacturers, and they aren’t likely to go away any time soon. The envelope is being pushed as these brands seek to replace your phone with these folding phablets, and Honor’s Magic V2 might be on the precipice of convincing you that it’s not a bad idea. Not a bad idea at all.

We’ve all heard the nightmare tales surrounding foldable devices, $1,799 Google Pixel Fold dies after four days, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold screen breaks after just one day, and dear God, Microsoft might be making a Surface Duo 3. The horror, the horror. These stories are enough to ward away even the most caring of smartphone owners, myself included. That’s why I’ve been hesitant to hop aboard the hype train for foldables, I was convinced my investment would soon turn into little more than a bendy paperweight.

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