Here’s The Meta Quest+ Monthly Games For December 2023

The Meta Quest+ games for December 2023 are now live – here’s what’s available this month.

Redeemable until December 31, Meta Quest+ offers subscribers two VR games per month and every month so far has delivered high-quality choices. From Walkabout Mini Golf and Red Matter 2, we’ve seen the subscription service offer wide variety and the current line-up is no different. You can download the latest games here, but here’s the full December 2023 Quest+ line-up:

The Thrill of the Fight

Developed by Ian Fitz, The Thrill of the Fight is a boxing sim we previously called one of the best VR sports games on Quest. Described as a “down-to-earth” boxing game focused on authenticity, it recently received a mixed reality update for Quest 3, making this a great warm-up before The Thrill Of The Fight 2 arrives.


Developed by Greensky Games, Swarm is a 2021 wave-based arcade shooter with a comic-book aesthetic that mixes swinging traversal with pistols. You can find out more in our impressions, where we called it “perfect arcade fun that melds together with a few other elements to form an interesting new VR game.”

Swarm Hands-On: A Great Mixture Of Swinging And Shooting

The latest arcade shooter has arrived on Quest, but with a swinging twist. Here are our impressions of Swarm, available now on the Oculus Store. Swarm is a entertaining distillation of a few other elements we’ve seen in VR before. It’s got fantastic swinging mechanics for traversal, solid

Meta Quest+ subscribers will keep these games in your library while subscribed. So far, that’s included Walkabout Mini GolfMothergunship: ForgePistol WhipPixel Ripped 1995Red Matter 2, Another Fisherman’s Tale, NFL Pro Era and Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs. Cancelling your membership means losing access to them, but you’ll regain previously redeemed games upon resubscribing.

Meta Quest+ costs $8 per month or $60 annually. Anyone who purchases the 512GB model Quest 3 before January 27, 2024, will receive a free six-month subscription trial.

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