Google Pixel Fold 2: Potential release date, price speculation, leaked design, and more

 The original Google Pixel Fold launched in late June of last year, which means we’re closing in on the expected launch of the Pixel Fold 2. Google’s second iteration of the foldable phone is likely to improve over the original, but Google has yet to announce anything concrete about the Pixel Fold 2. However, we do have some leaked design plans, spec rumors, and even a projected release window from various sources.

So while we wait on official word from Google, we’ve put together a primer on everything we know so far about the Google Pixel Fold 2. 

Google Pixel Fold 2: Release date and pricing

 Right now expectations for the Pixel Fold 2 indicate the foldable will launch sometime in mid-to-late 2024. The original Pixel Fold’s release date was June 28, 2023, so it makes sense to expect the second iteration to launch around a year after the original. If this is the case, an official announcement could come at Google I/O, as according to 9to5Google’s sources the annual developer event isn’t happening until late June this year. 

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