Google Introduces New Personalized Features for a More Tailored Shopping Experience

Enhance Your Shopping Experience on Google with Personalized Tools

Google Shopping is experiencing a monumental surge, with over a billion daily users diving into shopping sessions. With the innovative Shopping Graph, you’re given a window into an extensive selection of products—more than 45 billion, to be exact. These products are constantly updated to ensure the latest in pricing, availability, and delivery details.

In tune with the varied tastes of shoppers, Google is rolling out a suite of new features designed to craft a shopping experience that’s as unique as you are. Let’s explore how these new tools are set to revolutionize your online shopping adventures.

Uncover Styles That Resonate with You

Google is stepping up to plate with a feature that tailors search results to your individual style in popular shopping categories. Initially launching for mobile users and through the Google app in the U.S., this feature lets you search for items like “straw tote bags” or “men’s polo shirts” and interact with a “style recommendations” section.

Through simple gestures like thumbs-up or thumbs-down, or swiping right or left, you’ll immediately see items that match your taste. This intuitive tool not only remembers your preferences for future searches but also offers flexibility to alter your choices or switch back to general search results whenever you desire.

Customize Searches with Your Beloved Brands

For those who have a soft spot for certain brands, Google’s latest update allows you to tailor your search results to feature these favorites prominently. Available across mobile devices, desktops, and the Google app, simply indicating your preferred brands can make them a priority in your search outcomes.

Adjusting these preferences is easy, ensuring a personalized and seamless Google shopping experience.

Envision with AI-Created Imagery

Google now offers an AI-driven tool for apparel shopping, transforming descriptive searches like “colorful quilted spring jacket” into lifelike images that meet your search criteria. These AI-generated visuals bring you closer to finding the exact piece you’re envisioning, with the convenience of shopping options just a click away. This feature, available to U.S. users participating in the Search Generative Experience, effectively closes the gap between what you imagine and what you can actually find.

Experience Virtual Try-Ons

The journey to finding the perfect piece doesn’t stop with style. Google’s Virtual Try-On (VTO) feature offers a preview of how different tops might look on various real-life models, accommodating sizes XXS to 4XL. Whether you’re browsing on a desktop, mobile device, or through the Google app in the U.S., the VTO feature enhances your understanding of an item’s fit and drape, enriching your shopping decision. This innovative tool benefits both shoppers and brands, as it has been shown to encourage visits to retailers’ websites with a genuine intent to buy.

Keep an eye out for even more advancements aimed at making your discovery and purchasing processes smoother and more enjoyable.

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