Genotype Ends Quest Exclusivity With Upcoming PC VR Port

Following its recent Quest 3 update, Antarctic adventure Genotype marks PC VR as its next destination.

Released last month, Genotype is a narrative VR action shooter set in a South Pole research base overrun by dangerous monsters. Initially exclusive to Quest, developer Bolverk Games confirmed a PC VR version is next, though any Steam specific changes remain unknown. Bolverk also confirms two further patches are planned.

The news follows last week’s Genotype update, which introduced input and difficulty settings alongside bug fixes and “game balancing.” That same patch also added specific Quest 3 upgrades like a native resolution boost that “matches the resolution in PC VR,” 4K lightmaps and more.

We enjoyed Bolverk’s latest game in our Genotype review last month, which we reviewed before the Quest 3 update launched. Though we considered its “shortcomings in combat and pacing” as notable flaws, we believed it still offers a “solid sci-fi adventure,” praising the weapons mechanics and narrative.

Genotype’s Steam release date remains unconfirmed but we’ll update this article once we learn more. A permanent price cut on the Meta Quest platform takes effect on November 27 to $24.99, and it’s currently discounted at $21.99.

Genotype Review: An Ambitious Sci-Fi Shooter Without Any Guns

Genotype is an ambitious sci-fi shooter with a catch – there’s no guns. Read our review here:

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