Futuristic LAWK ONE AR glasses are in the final stretch of its Kickstarter campaign

Smart wearables are already an indispensable part of our lives in terms of smartwatches and smartbands. But many consider AR glasses to be the next big thing in the world of wearables. And seeing the futuristic design and utility of some models we quite tend to agree. One such very interesting model of AR glasses is currently in the final stretch of its Kickstarter campaign and we believe it deserves a closer look. Because LAWK ONE AR glasses have a futuristic design that looks and feels like something out of a sci-fi movie.

LAWK ONE aims to be the all-in-one AR glasses, which can be perfect mainly for the outdoor adventures and cycling. With their modern and sleek design, weighing only 80g, they fit perfectly for any cyclist. The all-in-one design means it can effectively replace various gadgets, like bike computers, action cameras or wireless earphones. And to be a usable companion to your mobile phone as well, enhancing various experiences and features.


Innovative Micro LED display for a vertigo-free experience

These new AR glasses use a pretty innovative solution for its display with binocular waveguide Micro LED micro-display panel, With it your both eyes can see the content, eliminating the danger of vertigo and uncomfortable eye-strain. This is further enhanced by monochrome display technology, which boosts low power consumption, display speed and response time. And brightness up to 1150 nits and 30° field of view is also something of note. On top of that you are getting UV380 lenses right out of the box and there is also an option to switch out lenses. Not to mention an optional add-on with framer for fitting prescription lenses. Furthermore, the IPX4 rating ensures water resistance, adding to its appeal.


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LAWK ONE will bring you on the screen all the advanced sports data and tracking, you can even connect heart rate monitors and pedals. Simply connect it via Bluetooth 5.3 to your smartphone and you will also have access voice-assisted navigation system. Not to mention with a simple press and hold on your temple you can activita the AI voice assistant powered by ChatGPT. And on top of that you can see your messages in real time directly on the display of your glasses and can handle calls without bothering to fish for your phone.

Multimedia tools at your disposal

You can also ditch your wireless earphones, because LAWK ONE will provide similar audio experience with its open-air stereo speakers. Hand in hand with audio comes the video as well. Because the built-in 4K 8MP sports camera can capture short videos with 120° lens just with a tap of a button or a voice command. You can even have the real-time sports data overlay easily shown in these videos. Battery in the glasses should be good for about 8 hours of continuous usage too.

Kickstarter campaign in full swing

If you would be interested in LAWK ONE, then first step is surely to check its official website or Facebook page for all the information. The Kickstarter campaign has less than 48 hours to go, so that’s another step to follow. With the launch special price of $349 and promised shipping in December it can be quite an interesting Christmas idea for any outdoor enthusiast.

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