Fusion 5 Lapbook Review

Fusion 5 is a creation of a small-time hardware oriented maker who dabbled his way with the Android and Windows hardware for the past few years.

The Fusion 5 is said to have a record of structuring various types of devices ranging from all in one to tablets bolstering a comprehensive range from medium to high end oriented specifications.

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This is an interesting lapbook as it is a prim and proper actual laptop comparatively hardy and better than tablets or two in ones. This is a low-cost laptop with Windows 10 set up endowing a great display.

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Fusion 5 LapbookFusion 5 Lapbook

With a full screen of 14.1 inches, the Fusion 5 Lapbook represents a great viewable screen to do relevant work without any constraint or cramped feeling. Moreover, the laptop has a full high definition display making it simply great to work on as well as to watch movies.


The essential aspect of Fusion 5 laptop is its brilliant design. For a splendid start, it is all plastic endowing a light and classy look. The external silver color brings forth a metal appearance, even though it is not actually silver.

Moreover, the lapbook is super thin and considerably great proving why it is so lightweight. When you open it, the device rocks the black keyboard with a trackpad well balanced with the silver shell appearance, giving it the look of a MacBook Pro.

Also, the device has considerably thin bezels. The device can be brought to becoming absolutely flat as it can be seamlessly stretched to 170 degrees. This is a great lapbook device to carry along in a bag, in case if you are traveling.

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Storage & CPU

The Fusion 5 Laptop seems to be great at work with the Intel Atom x5Z8350 CPU, operating best with the Creators Update for Windows 10. The laptop has an internal space of 64 GB which is not great for a Window 10 operating device. However, this much space can definitely assure you with good work for casual utilization.

The RAM in the Laptop is 2 GB which is not enough space for performing multitasking work. This is not a device which is specifically designed to do real work but is an adequate electronic for casual work.


The size of the screen is 14.1 inches which display 1080p.

Gaming Performance

This laptop is not for gaming as it beholds less space and is not designed for the game-oriented purpose. It is designed for casual or daily work purpose.

Keyboard And Touchpad

The trackpad and the keyboard on the Fusion 5 Lapbook is a blended bag. Though clicky, it is a little shallow which works for casual stuff. The keyboard elements affixed to the device is perfectly convincing.

Keyboard And TouchKeyboard And Touch

However, the trackpad or the touchpad on the laptop is not great. Conveying the gestures of Windows 10, the touchpad enables to perform the work to activate the task view with a finder swipe.

Moreover, it represents scrolling with two fingers. But the touchpad is not highly configurable as it does not utilize the technologies of Synaptics and Precision.

Moreover, since the trackpad in the Lapbook is not configurable, therefore, no one can easily change most of the things just by scrolling through the direction utilizing the two figure gesture for scrolling.


The lapbook brings forth a healthy selection of ports. It consists of one 3.0 USB port and the other is 2.0 USB port with a slot for micro SD card for storage, an HDMI port and a headphone jack of 3.5 mm.

Software And Applications

This is a great device for the office light editing, web browsing, and media consumption work. However, this lapbook is not great for editing photographs in software like editing video or photoshop or performing any heavy multitask with a great involvement of distinct programs. This device is a perfect built for casual or regular users.

System Noise

The system noise on a constant basis omits noise which one can hear in case he or she puts the ear up just against the speakers. Even in the sleep mode the speakers continuously emit sound.


The battery life of the Fusion 5 Lapbook is good. Effectively rocking the tablet standard CPU, Fusion 5 Laptop endows huge battery backup so as to hold well the low power CPU. The battery in this lapbook can last for a time span of about six hours.

Fusion 5 LapbookFusion 5 Lapbook

However, like the Atom oriented devices, the Wi-Fi works slowly on this system. It takes a lot of time to download the updates; moreover browsing the web is also slow.

Final Word

The device though has few shortcomings but is completely promising. It is full sized showcasing a full-on HD display. This is a perfect device for kids who are young and require a laptop for accessing YouTube or using the web for doing homework.

Fusion 5 Laptop is considerably great for casual utilization which involves activities like watching movies, web browsing and utilization of Microsoft Office.

Moreover, the battery life is quite strong which is likely to last throughout a day. Therefore, if you’re looking for a laptop to be used for your day-to-day basic usage then this might just be the pick for you.

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