Fujifilm is finally fixing macOS 14 Sonoma compatibility

Fujifilm X Webcam fix for Apple macOS 14 Sonoma

Mirrorless cameras offering communication with computers via USB became big over the last four years, thanks to a certain little virus. Many of them can now act as webcams and Fujifilm implemented a system in their cameras.

Last November, the company issued a statement stating that the latest updates were not compatible with macOS 14 Sonoma. Now, the company has announced new updates on the way to resolve the issue.

What happened with Sonoma?

Essentially, as usual, Apple happened. Apple updated the operating system to version 14.1 and broke the software. Actually, it broke two applications. Fujifilm X Webcam ceased to work as it no longer detects your camera. Fujifilm PC Autosave apps still works, but it just doesn’t load automatically anymore.

As a result of our operation check installing our applications on Mac running “macOS 14 (Sonoma)” released by Apple, Inc. recently, the following issues listed in the table below have been confirmed with the certain applications below.

We are working to fix these issues with the applications and plan to release the revised applications as soon as they become available.

We would like the customers using the following applications who plan to update to “macOS 14 (Sonoma)” to be aware the following issues with the current version of these applications.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding.

  • FUJIFILM X Webcam (Mac) / macOS 14.1 / The camera is not recognized when connected to a Mac. (It is okay with macOS 14.0)
  • FUJIFILM PC AutoSave (Mac) / macOS 14.0 or later / “PC AutoSave” does not start automatically at Mac startup. Therefore, the “PC AutoSave icon” does not appear in the menu bar and automatic transfer does not start.

If you’re a Fujifilm shooter who depends on using them as a webcam with your computer, the advice is simple. Don’t upgrade to macOS 14.1. Stay with 14.0, and it’ll keep working fine. And if you shoot tethered, start the app manually.

Now it’s fixed!

Fujifilm has announced that new versions of the apps are coming. So, it’s not quite fixed yet, but it will be very soon. The company today added an addendum to last year’s statement, updating the current status of the fix.

March 22, 2024 addition
We are planning to release the software compatible with “macOS14 (Sonoma)” as the following timeframe.
FUJIFILM X Webcam (Mac): scheduled for April
FUJIFILM PC AutoSave (Mac): scheduled for the end of March

So, Fuji shooters don’t have long to wait to be able to upgrade to the latest macOS Sonoma. Well, or start using their cameras as webcams again if they have already updated.

When the updates become available, you’ll be able to download them from the Fujifilm X Webcam page and the Fuji PC AutoSave page.

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