Free iOS And Android Apps to end the Week

Did you know that some free apps do spring a surprise from time to time? Even though developers offer them for free at the moment, there is no guarantee that they will stay that way forever. If you come across an app that you really enjoy, it is wise to download it promptly. We release this list biweekly to ensure that none of the apps are repeated.

We do our level best to ensure these apps are not scams or privacy traps but do not review them. This is a different article from our Top 5 Apps of the Week which is published once a week. Hence, some of these apps might feature more ads than usual, as well as in-app purchases.

Tip: If you think there is an app you would like to use in the future but do not need it already, you can download and install it first before uninstalling it. Said app will be considered as “purchased” and available in your app library forever.

Android apps that are free for a short time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • DraStic DS Emulator ($4.99): Love these classic DS games from Nintendo? Perhaps an emulator might give you a leg up…
  • Scan Text from Image English ($1.49): Extract text from a photo and save it elsewhere. 
  • English for All Pro ($0.99): Learn English with this app and see just how fast you can improve within the shortest time possible.
  • Website Shortcut ($0.99): Create website shortcuts with this nifty little app that makes it easier to share them later.

Android games

  • EHW Premium & 101 Survival Games ($0.49): A real-time side-scrolling strategy game that requires you to build your army and obliterate all before you. 
  • Shadow Survival ($0.99): Survive wave after wave of attack as you work your way up the ladder and eventually defeat humongous bosses.
  • Math Land ($3.99): Here is a game to keep your little ones occupied while letting them brush up their arithmetic. 
  • Cooking Quest VIP: Food Wagon ($0.99): A food truck management game in a simulation game that is set in an alternate universe.
  • Teach Your Monster ($8.99): A phonics and reading game meant for kids that will help them improve, featuring cute graphics.

iOS apps that are free for a short time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Photo AI Eraser ($1.99): Everything seems to be about AI these days, and this app helps you erase unwanted elements in a photo. Don’t expect it to do too much in complex situations though. 
  • Calculator Easy HD ($0.99): Want a simple calculator app that can even be used to read out the figure for you, now how about that?
  • PT Sessions ($4.99): A comprehensive tool that all personal trainers might want to look into to elevate yourself to the next level.
  • Kipkam ($0.99): A breathing app that lets you return to your center whenever you become stressed or are highly strung.
  • 2Spend: Expense Tracker ($0.99): Keeping track of your daily expenditure is no easy task, so why not get an app to help you?

Free games for iPhone and iPad

  • BodyNav ($0.99): Give virtual reality a go by controlling the avatar using your body movements.
  • Wind Wings ($2.99): It is up to you once again to save the galaxy from an impending alien invasion. Is your tiny ship up to the task?
  • Alice Beyond Wonderland ($1.99): A point-and-click adventure game that lets you explore magical kingdoms in beautifully drawn graphics.
  • Teach Your Monster to Read ($8.99): They say the best way to learn is through playing. Perhaps this is one game that your little ones can pick up to learn how to read?
  • My City: Grandparents Home ($3.99): Isn’t spending time with grandpa and grandma the best? This game lets you explore the many rooms in your grandparents’ house.

Before downloading any of the apps mentioned, it is advisable to take a moment to review the app’s details on the Play Store or App Store. This is important because some of these free apps may have their own unique features or drawbacks.

In-App purchases and ads: Don’t be surprised!

Be cautious with both free and paid apps, as they may disguise in-app purchases and advertisements. This is particularly important when downloading games for children. To prevent any unexpected issues, please take into account the following advice:

App permissions: Read the fine print

Certain applications employ a covert strategy to generate profits by gathering and trading your personal data. To ensure your safety, it is advisable to grant only the necessary permissions for applications to operate. For instance, an alarm clock application does not require camera functionality or access to your contacts. Similarly, a flashlight app does not need access to your location.

Hopefully, these few tips can help you enjoy these Android and iOS free app downloads.

What are your thoughts on this week’s list of free apps? Are there apps on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store that interest you? Do let us know in the comments.

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