Flashback to the future! The Godox Lux Cadet is a new “retro-style” flash

Godox announced a new retro-style strobe, the Lux Cadet. It’s a new camera flash that will be the perfect pair-up for a retro or an actual film camera. Why go with modern when you can go classic, right?

Positioned between the Godox Lux Senior ($119) and Godox Lux Junior ($69), the Godox Lux Cadet is a small, stylish, affordable strobe at $94.90.

Compact and slim design

The Godox Lux Cadet is a small beauty. It has a metal and hide look, and if you ignore the sync port and USB-C port (and squit a bit), you could kind of forget it is a modern flash.

Despite the metal build, it is small and light, with just 171 grams of weight.

Godox Lux Cadet design front

Auto and Manual flash modes

Users can switch between manual and automatic exposures using a convenient switch on the back. You can use auto mode, and the flash will guess the correct power, or switch to manual when you need more creative control.

Godox Lux Cadet a/m flash modesGodox Lux Cadet a/m flash modes

Classic flower-type reflector

You can pop a small stylish reflector by sliding a side switch. Godox says they were inspired by the design of the classics and made a flower-shaped reflector. Judging by our review of the other retro-style flash, the Godox Lux Senior, those reflectors are pretty efficient.

Stylish pair-ups

This design will complete the retro look if you use a film camera like the Nikon FM2 or a modern film-like camera like the Nikon ZF. If you are a fan of companies like FujiFilm or Olympus, then all the better, as you have a never-ending supply of cameras you can stylishly pair with this flash.

Godox Lux Cadet specs

Model Lux Cadet
GN(1/1 step) GN10(ISO100, in meters)
Lithium Battery 3.7V 1700mAh
Input Parameter 5V⎓⎓2A
Flash Power 7 steps:1/1-1/64
CCT 6200K±300K
Focal Length 28mm(fixed value)
Panel Display Power:Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64


Distance:0.5m, 0.7m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m, 4m

Auto f2.8 ISO100 (default value in A auto flash mode)

Optical Flash S1 optical control/S2 optical control
Working Environment Temperature -10℃~50℃
Recycle Time(1/1 step) ≈2.5s
Full Power Flash Times(1/1 step) ≈620 times
Battery Charging Temperature Range 0℃-60℃
SYNC Hotshoe,SYNC cable
Dimension(when the reflector is taken in) 3.7″*2″*2.8″
Net Weight≈ 171g

Price and availability

It makes me happy to see modern gear with old looks. We don’t have many retro-looking lenses, but we have plenty of vintage-looking cameras from the likes of Fujifilm and Olympus. Godox, meanwhile, does a good job of continuing the theme in the world of camera flashes.

The Godox Lux Cadet is available now for $94.90.

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