Final Fury Enters Open Beta In Early 2024 On Quest & PC VR

Multiplayer fighting game Final Fury enters open beta next year, and we’ve got a fresh look at gameplay.

Developed by Kluge Interactive (Synth Riders), today’s UploadVR Winter Showcase revealed new Final Fury gameplay footage and two new characters. Lida is described as a “master manipulator who commands a legion of deadly scarabs,” while Valdan is a revenant who uses an infernal blade “to exact his vengeance upon other fighters.” You can sign up now for the open beta through Final Fury’s official website.

“As lifelong fans of classic fighting games such as Street Fighter, Killer Instinct, and Mortal Kombat, our goal with FINAL FURY is to bring back the nostalgic thrill of the arcade, says Abraham Aguero, Creative Director at Kluge Interactive in a prepared statement. “It’s an ambitious challenge, but we’re confident that we have a unique experience on our hands.”

Final Fury enters open beta in early 2024 on the Meta Quest platform and Steam, though a full release date remains unconfirmed. When previously asked about other platforms, Kluge CEO Arturo Perez informed UploadVR, “we’ll eventually go for all major platforms. For now, Quest and PC VR is our starting point.”

Interview: Synth Riders Dev Plans Continued Updates

Synth Riders recently celebrated its fifth anniversary but with Final Fury coming, what’s next for Kluge Interactive? Our full interview:

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