Discover the Affordable Light Bar That Reduces Eye Strain and Boosts Focus

I’ve heard a lot about monitor lightbars but never had the chance to try one myself. They’re designed to allow users to work on their screens for long hours without worrying about eye strain, which is a common issue in our digital world. We constantly expose our eyes to screens that are brighter than our surroundings, forcing our eyes to adjust and readjust to the brightness differences, which can lead to eye strain.

Some might argue that desk lamps are better for illuminating a workspace, but I’d like to offer a different perspective. I used a traditional desk lamp for over a year and found it unsuitable for a modern desktop setup. It often resulted in more shadows and screen glares rather than improved lighting, likely due to its positioning.

Quntis, a popular monitor light maker, offers two variants of their Screenlinear monitor light bar: the base non-Pro and the Pro+ variant. Though there are minor differences between the models, both avoid taking up desk space as they easily clip to the top of a monitor, providing uniform light across the desk.

Quntis sent me the Pro+ variant for review, and it’s been a game-changer for my setup. The Monitor Light Bar Pro+ features a 51cm (about 20 inches) long LED panel with up to 45° adjustable rotation, making it suitable even for curved screens.

What’s in the box?

A 20-inch Long LED panel makes a big difference

It can illuminate workspaces with a maximum brightness of 1200 lux and is ideal for monitors up to 34 inches, despite Quntis’ recommendation for up to 29-inch monitors.

The build quality of the Quntis Monitor Light Bar Pro+ is exceptional, made from aluminum alloy and hard plastic, feeling both premium and sturdy. It’s easy to install, taking just about a minute to set up on my screen. Although designed for monitors, I’ve successfully used it on a 15.6-inch laptop display without issue. The light bar fits snugly on the top edge of the screen, with a counterweight and silicone pads to prevent scratches and ensure a secure grip.

Suitable for both curved and flat monitors, and even some laptops (checking the screen thickness is advised), the light bar accommodates devices with thicknesses between 0.12 inches and 2.36 inches. It comes with a USB-C port for power, offering flexibility in power sources, including PC systems and smartphone chargers. The inclusion of a wireless remote sets it apart from many competitors, allowing for easy control over the light.

Once, you set up the light bar on the monitor, simply plug it into your laptop or PC’s USB-A port and you are done. And guess what, it comes with a wireless remote which you can use to control it. That is what Quntis sets it apart from most of its competitors. Brands like BenQ offer the same perk for its light bar but it costs almost double the one I had. 

Let the dial adjust the brightness for you 

The Pro+ model ships with a wireless clickable dial for effortless control, featuring adjustments for both hue and brightness. The light bar’s brightness ranges from 3,000k to 6,500K, suitable for any workspace lighting need. An in-built ambient sensor optimizes brightness based on surrounding light, though I often prefer to adjust the light manually.

Using the light bar has significantly improved my working conditions, especially at night, by reducing eye strain and illuminating my workspace without shadows or glares. It’s more effective than traditional desk lamps, providing uniform light that enhances the aesthetics of my workspace.

As you can see in the above picture, the monitor light bar shines down from the top of my laptop. Although it is slightly larger than my laptop’s screen, it illuminates my entire workspace without leaving any shadows or screen glares. After spending around two weeks with the light bar, I have found working, especially at night, to be more pleasant. My eyes can easily focus on the text even at low screen brightness, as the light bar provides an adequate amount of light at my workspace. Another notable difference is that my eyes feel a lot more comfortable than they used to.

Most of the time, I feel that the monitor light bar is sufficient for my desk setup instead of traditional desk lamps. It spreads uniform light across the desk, filtering out dark spots and glares, and also highlights the dust on the desk. Regardless, that’s not important here. This makes my space brighter and more aesthetically pleasing.

Modern problems require a modern solution

Priced at $69.98 on Amazon, the Quntis Monitor Light Bar Pro+ is a worthwhile addition to any setup. For those spending extensive hours in front of a screen, it’s essential for reducing eye strain and improving workspace lighting. If you’re looking for an affordable light bar with a wireless remote and high-end features, the Pro+ model is highly recommended.

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