Cool Your Jets: REDMAGIC’s Latest VC Cooler 5 Pro Drops Phone Temps Like Never Before

REDMAGIC is expanding its horizon in the gaming accessories domain with the latest addition to its lineup: the REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro. This innovative cooling solution, designed to work seamlessly with a broad spectrum of smartphones, represents a significant advancement in managing device temperatures during intensive usage.

Launching globally on April 1, the VC Cooler 5 Pro features cutting-edge liquid cooling technology capable of reducing a smartphone’s temperature by up to 35 degrees Celsius. This technology enables it to cool a device from 28 degrees to freezing in just half a minute, thanks to its liquid-cooled VC radiator that incorporates a novel welding technique and utilizes acetone as a heat-conductive material.

This accessory is not just about performance; it also sports a transparent, cyberpunk-inspired design that is sure to catch the eye. Achieved through a complex multi-layer spray etching process, the cooler’s appearance is enhanced by RGB lighting effects, contributing to an immersive gaming experience. If you’ve ever seen one of REDMAGIC‘s phones, you already know what the VC Cooler 5 Pro has in the design department.

Moreover, the VC Cooler 5 Pro is designed with versatility in mind. It features a magnetic attachment compatible with Apple MagSafe, making it straightforward to attach to devices. It also doubles as a stand, providing additional utility whether you’re gaming at home or on the move.

Key specifications of the VC Cooler 5 Pro include a 36W peak power, a 3636mm TEC (ThermoElectric Cooler), and a 7-blade fan capable of 5500 rpm. With dimensions of 66mm59mm*28mm and weighing just 100g, the cooler integrates REDMAGIC’s AI Thermal Control for optimized performance, available through the Android “Goper” app.

The REDMAGIC VC Cooler 5 Pro is set to be available for purchase starting April 15th, 2024, with prices set at US$59 in North America, €59 in Europe, £49 in the UK, Mex$999 in Mexico, and SG$88 in Singapore.

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